Discipline leads to success

discipline leads to success

Let’s talk about how discipline leads to success.

It’s now a Sunday morning. It’s 8:14AM. I’ve already done the dishes, drank two cups of coffee, and practiced guitar. I’m now about to go on a run despite it being damp and chilly outside. I’ll simply wear something to cover my ears because I don’t like having cold ears.

Betas attribute my relative success to luck, genetics, or some other bullshit. I started off quite boringly average. My parents were working class. They worked their way into the middle class.

By the time I was in high school, we were boringly average. Half of America had more money than we did. Half of America had less money than we did. Yay!

Sports helped my discipline

Despite being short, I loved American football more than anything else. Unfortunately for me, I wanted to play quarterback. If you know football, you know that the quarterback position is no place for a short guy.

Looking back, I wish I took my music lessons more seriously. My mother paid for piano lessons as a child and I never took advantage of them. I didn’t learn to read notes until the age of 24, when I finally broke down and hired a piano teacher out of my own pocket to teach me how to write the notes for a piece I wrote.

But yes, sports helped my discipline. Being short, I had a major disadvantage so I had to practice twice as hard as everyone else to get the same results as everyone else.

I became pretty good, but not good enough to play semi-pro football and I got injured in practice. That was it for my athletic career. However, I got out of it something that nobody can take away from me. I got out of it an insane work ethic.

Apply that discipline to life

Too many parents today underestimate sports. They think sports are dumb and a waste of your scholastic time. They actively discourage their kids from playing sports.

In California, we even have leagues where they don’t keep score. What a bunch of sissy communists!

That competitive spirit is a good thing. It translates to all areas of life, from sex to finances to being able to afford that fat Mediterranean cruise.

Despite being average in high school, I’m now quite well off. My wife and I leave the country every year and we often go on expensive cruises, because my wife loves them. We’re often some of the younger folks on the cruise since younger people have no money. We got the cruise bug in our early 30s and haven’t looked back.

Do I have superior genetics? Outstanding luck?

No. I’m disciplined.

Mornings are where it’s at for me

I’m really a night person. I get my best composition done at 2 or 3 in the morning. However, when I need to get everything else done, it’s starting off in the morning with a morning routine. Every day, having the discipline to consistently doing the right things over and over.

This leads to excellent health. It’s why I’m still slim. It’s also why I have a bigger bank account than 95% of Americans, despite growing up quite average.

Anything worth doing takes time. If you want to be an insane musician, you need to practice every day for years. Talent simply means you can do 5-10% less than the average person and still get the same amount of progress. The super talented folks can get away with doing 10-20% less and get the same amount of progress.

That’s all talent means. You still need the discipline to put the time in. It still comes down to hours spent on your craft.

This applies to everything from shooting baskets to playing piano to getting an A in your favorite class. You got to put the time in.

In college, I loved to write. I excelled at anything that requires writing because I put my hours into that. Tests? No, I don’t like tests. However, give me a 20-page report and I’ll get a solid A on it. Because, I’ll put the time in. Because, I loved it!

I love blogging

To this day, I still love writing. I love waking up in the morning and writing blog posts. This is fun to me. That’s why I do it.

Even when my band starts getting big, I’ll still keep a blog. My morning routine consists of gratitude, practicing guitar and/or piano, working out, and writing.

The same thing will work for you. Find something you absolutely love doing. The passion has to be there or else you’ll more than likely quit.

Like for instance, if you want to be healthier, you have to find something you like doing. For me, it’s eating meat and lifting weights. I hired a dietician to give us a custom diet and the best part? Lots of meat. I love meat.

And I love lifting weights. I run because I need to do something for cardio. I actually don’t like running. However, I love the weightlifting part of my routine so I keep that up without any motivation problem.

You don’t need to be motivated for something you love doing anyways. The motivation comes naturally when you love it. For me, that means eating meat, lifting weights, practicing guitar, and writing. For you, it might be something completely different. But find what that is, and do it!


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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