My wife’s goal – Die with lots of passport stamps

I talked earlier about an alpha alpha marriage where both partners work as a team to live fulfilling lives and neither party has to compromise. You already know I’m working on promoting my band and know that I know it will take time. So let’s talk about my wife.

My wife’s goal is to die with lots of passport stamps. She wants to see the world.

We are both rednecks who started with nothing. Both of us have literally lived out of cars before. So it’s not like we were born swimming in money. We earned every penny we got through hard work, discipline, solid accounting, and educated risk.

In 2014, we started fulfilling her dream. We spent a week in the Dominican Republic. Then in 2015, we hit Madrid and Barcelona for a nine day trip. Last year, we spent a week in Maui and went on a 10-day Alaskan cruise.

Currently, we’re in the Caribbean with a slow ass computer connection. All these pictures are of San Andrés, Colombia, which we’ll both highly recommend! We’ll be spending Christmas and New Years in New Zealand. Next year, we have two more big vacations planned.

I’m not saying all this to brag. Rather, I want to make a point. If two rednecks like us can pull off our dreams, so can you! I want to tell you everything I did, both the smart things and the dumb things. You can copy the smart things as I’m sure they’ll work for you because we already know they’ve worked for us. Just don’t copy the dumb things. I’d rather you not make the same mistakes I’ve made. I’d much rather you learned from them.

Anyways my friends, off to work on my tan…

San Andrés is full of beautiful beaches and beautiful women! The water's warm too.  And clean

San Andrés is full of beautiful beaches and beautiful women! The water’s warm too. And clean


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