Dealing with broken sleep patterns

I don't bite Roman of Astral Eyes

I have broken sleep patterns. I’ve had insomnia my entire life and simply learned to deal with it. Sure, I can go to a specialist and get it fixed. Instead, I’ve turned it into a positive.

I’ve written about living with insomnia a few years back, and I do want to discuss it again. I want to discuss it again because I want to say something. Some disabilities, you can turn into an ability.

All my life, I’ve heard that insomnia will cause blah, blah, and blah. It’s so bad! “It will destroy your life!”

Yeah, whatever.

I sometimes get creative moments at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning and stay up until 5 or 6 in order to get them on paper. A lot of the music you’ve heard me compose started like that. When I get an inspiration, I don’t fight it. I cherish it.

And if it’s nothing?

This happens a lot too. I can’t sleep for whatever reason. So, I grab my guitar, don’t plug it into the amp for obvious reasons, and practice. If I can’t sleep anyways, why waste good brainwaves?

Broken sleep patterns have not only helped me become a pretty good guitarist. They’ve also helped me become very good at orchestration. I started learning orchestration over the Summer of 2012 after getting laid off. I decided to take the entire Summer off and just study. Then, I’ll look for a job.

(Note that this is yet another benefit of having fuck you money. You can get away with doing stuff like that).

So I turned my broken sleep patterns into a positive

And sometimes, I just write. You’ll see a lot of blog posts released at odd hours. You know why? I couldn’t sleep. Might as well get something done.

Actually, being honest, most of the music I’ve ever written was started after midnight. This is despite having a day job. I got so good at dealing with my broken sleep patterns that I’d have no problem staying awake and kicking ass on the job.

Even after Astral Eyes becomes famous and tours the world, I’ll still get statements from my former co-workers. I can assure you that they’ll tell you that I’m in the elite category when it comes to performance. What they don’t know is that I’m often on two or three hours of sleep.

Sleep is like a bank

I’ve heard this analogy a few times now. Yeah, it’s probably true. Going without sleep catches up with you so I often will sleep at odd hours or catch up on sleep on the weekends. I know it’s not healthy and I’ve had so many people in my life tell me that I should see a Doctor.

You know what? No. There are literally thousands of places I’d rather be than a Doctor’s office. I’m just not a “see a Doctor” guy. I don’t do that.

My great-grandfather lived to be 94 and never visited a doctor. I’m going to follow his footsteps. Except, I’ll live to be 95. And then, I’ll catch up on my sleep.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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