Charles Woodson is going to retire after this season

So, Charles Woodson is going to retire after this season. It’s such a shame when one of your favorite players calls it quits. But such is life. You can’t play forever.

The man has played Cornerback and later Safety for both the Raiders and the Packers. He played in a losing Super Bowl with the Raiders and led the Green Bay Packers to their Super Bowl championship after the 2010 season.

I watched the game where Woodson won his Super Bowl. He got injured and the Steelers almost came back and won. When he was in the game, the Steelers couldn’t do much of anything on offense.

Woodson is one of those rare players who literally could do everything. He was also a Punt Returner and even lined up as Wide Receiver. And very rare for a Cornerback, he’s led the Packers in tackles. That almost never happens. It’s almost always a Linebacker or a Safety who will lead the team in tackles.

Charles Woodson is going to retire

Charles Woodson 2011. Photo by Mike Morbeck

Woodson will be retiring with 8 Pro Bowls and he’s made 3 All-Pro teams. Possibly 9 Pro Bowls if he gets a nod this year, which he may just get. Eighteen years is forever for an NFL player, especially for a defensive player. Especially for a player who is as confrontational as Woodson.

Why do I bring up the fact that Charles Woodson is going to retire?

Well, for personal reasons. Eighteen years is a long time to have this much success in such a brutal game. Guys like that inspire me. Can I have an eighteen year career in music? Will Astral Eyes last eighteen years? I’d love to see it happen, but the odds are so much against us. How many 18 year bands are out there that don’t suck, that only rehash their older stuff when they were still good? You’d be hard pressed to find a better Defensive Back than Woodson right now, despite him playing in his 18th year and being 39 years of age.

What’s next for Woodson

What’s next for Woodson? A career in coaching? He’s quite intelligent and ever since he left the Packers, the Packers have lacked veteran leadership on defense. Hey, I love Julius Peppers as much as the next Packers fan, but Peppers doesn’t have the leadership abilities that Woodson has. Neither does Clay Matthews III. Not knocking either man. Just stating neither have Woodson’s leadership abilities.

A career in wine making? That reminds me, I need to hit his winery one of these days. I’ve been a wine drinker ever since coming back from Spain.

I have to wish the guy the best. I only regret the Packers cut him a few years too early. While the Packers’ defense does stupid stuff like lose to the Seahawks in the Championship game, that’s when you really miss someone like Charles Woodson. Had Woodson been a Packer in 2014, the Packers would have five Super Bowls and the Patriots three.


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