Beauty matters

beauty matters

The above is something I’m working on right now. I’ve been taking drawing seriously for six months now and watercolor for four months. Before I watercolor something, I sketch it separately. I learned that sketching is where it’s at. If you can’t sketch, you have no business painting.

It’s funny because I understand shading much better in watercolor than I do sketching. I never learned how to shade correctly while sketching. I simply copy what I saw some chick in the coffee shop do. She’d draw something then rub her finger over it to create shading.

Beauty matters. From here on out, I’m only hiring models under three conditions. First of course – they have to be beautiful. Second – I only paint nudes. So if a model won’t go full nude, I won’t hire them. No exceptions.

Third – they have to be personal friends of mine. Yes, I take this one quite seriously. If I’m not emotionally invested in something, it’s not going to turn out good because after all, I’m an artist.

The same applies for music. My lyrics have real life experience in them since I’m really into Romanticism. Even when the lyrics have fantastic themes, they’re still based off of someone I know or an experience I had.

But let’s go back to art. Allie is beautiful. She’s also one of my besties. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why Beauty matters

Personally, aesthetics are the main motivation for my art. I draw beautiful women and beautiful scenes. My music, although Metal, is still based on beauty.

Plus of course, the quest for beauty is one of the tenets of Romanticism and I’m a Romantic.

But why should it matter for you?

You make more money

Beautiful people, both beautiful men and beautiful women, make more money than their respective ugly counterparts. Is that fair? Did I ever tell you that life is fair? I’ll also go as far as saying it shouldn’t be fair. I really hate that word fair (in that context). It’s just such a beta word.

Now an alpha realizes that beauty matters and does his or her best to look their best. Of course, a cartoon will take it too far. An example would be a woman who looks like a Barbie doll by getting surgery after surgery. That’s a perfect example of a cartoon.

Look your best. Get in shape. Heck, there’s even an ulterior motive to getting in shape – you live longer. Your health should be #1 anyways and your improvement in your looks should be seen as a nice side effect.

People want to be friends with beautiful people

Yes, this is quite true and I know you’ve seen in many, many times. People want to be friends with beautiful people. Hot tip – a nice, pleasant smile increases your attractiveness. A whiny or bitchy demeanor decreases it. Act accordingly.

In this politically correct world, obese people are fighting for fat acceptance. I strongly believe that’s a bad thing because I don’t want to pay for their medical bills. Contrary to their opinions, obesity is preventable since you cannot make matter from nothing. Only a God can do that.

Gaining weight and losing weight comes down to one very simple formula – calories consumed versus calories burned off. That’s it.

Blaming their genetics, the patriarchy, or some other nonsense is complete bullshit and we all know that. That’s why they get so offended when we call them on their bullshit. They go batty.

But let’s go back to what’s important. People want to be friends with beautiful people. So be beautiful.

“But what if you’re not…”

You know what? Only about five percent of women are naturally pretty. Naturally pretty is quite rare. As for men, only about five percent of men are tall and handsome. Tall and handsome is quite rare.

So if you’re neither of those things, there are many things you can do to improve.


Posture matters. Videogame neck is not sexy and never will be. If you have videogame neck, go find a good chiropractor immediately.

Stand upright since upright looks confident and confidence is sexy. I love secure women and I don’t have time for insecure women. If a woman needed constant propping up, I’d let her loose.

Posture matters because standing upright will immediately improve your mood.


A smile is magic. That’s why babies learn to smile right away.

Smiles work for adults as well. As I said earlier, smiles increase attractiveness whereas bitch faces decrease attractiveness.

Get fit

I got good news here. You don’t have much competition since the average person looks absolutely horrible naked. All you have to do is get fit.

If you’re a man, you don’t need muscles on top of muscles. If you’re a woman, you don’t need a body like a Barbie doll. Just being in shape immediately puts you in the top 20% of the competition.

It’s bad because only 30 years ago, people would laugh if I said this. We’ve already deteriorated that far.

And if you think I’m being mean, once again, I don’t want to pay for everyone’s medical bills. I don’t want socialized medicine; especially if people are unwilling to put in the work on their side of the fence.

So, you want me to bust my ass and pay for your health care while you sit around and eat fried chicken and Bon Bons while watching some stupid TV show? Hell no! I’ll fight socialized medicine tooth and nail unless people are willing to put in their half of the efforts. Highly unlikely though given how lazy most people have become.

Be exciting

This works for both genders. People love exciting people.

I remember in college sitting in the back of the room and taking notes. Before the professor came in, I saw a drop-dead gorgeous brunette named Cassandra. Now, I was already seeing someone else so not interested, but I’ll always notice a beautiful woman.

Anyways, this short guy comes in with a big, confident smile. He goes right up to her and starts talking about his jet skis. Then he asked her if she ever jet skied before. She said no so of course, he immediately told her that he’d teach her how to jet ski.

Notice several things. He didn’t waste time. He showed confidence. And, he didn’t ask for permission like a beta. He showed her confidence and excitement and if you hang out with him, you’ll have an exciting life.

I saw them several weeks later and they were a couple. He wasn’t tall and handsome. She was gorgeous. But he had two things that most men lack – confidence and excitement. Hell, I’ve never been jet skiing before. I want to hang out with that guy.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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