Be like a child when it comes to mornings

I love mornings

Mornings. So many people love to hate them. Well, I can make a vast generalization about mornings. If you hate them, your life is on the wrong track.

How well do you remember your childhood? Do you remember the feeling of Christmas morning, knowing you’ll get something from Santa? You had no idea what it was. It was a total surprise.

Now imagine that feeling. You couldn’t wait to get out of bed and see what you got.

Adults lose their love for mornings

For adults, everything becomes routine. And mundane. It’s actually quite sad. Especially since it doesn’t have to be this way.

If your life is boring, find something you’re passionate about. For me, it’s guitar and painting.

Every single morning, I’d wake up and practice before going to work. If intentionally rotate my guitars so I wouldn’t get sick of them.

I only own three guitars at a time and constantly sell one, then buy another. I would do that at least once every few years.

Now, my biggest passion is painting. The drawing and the inking is the hard part. Painting is relaxing for me. So I intentionally draw and ink at night, then paint in the morning. That way, I’d be excited to wake up

What do you love?

If you don’t love waking up next to that person next to you, you’re with the wrong person. Don’t worry single people. The majority of people in relationships are with the wrong person so relatively, you’re not missing much.

How do I know this? Because their misery made me a lot of money. I don’t do that anymore because it’s a depressing job, but I do know that much.

So I ask, what do you love? Leave it for the morning and your day will start off right.

If you’re with the right person, then waking up next to that person is magical in itself.

I also strongly suggest you find something else to be passionate about as well. As humans, we tend to take good things for granted. It’s a flaw many of us have.

So I suggest two things. Either be with the right person or be single. And, find something you’re passionate about and start mornings off with that good feeling. Those two things will make your life so much better.

On a personal note

I’m not just painting for fun. My eventual goal is to make a living doing this. I’ve made most of my money so far by doing jobs other people either can’t do or didn’t want to do (and of course investing). Now, I want to do something I want to do.

Do me a favor and bookmark this site. And come back often. Next year, I’m going to start selling my art. I’d be honored if you bought some. I’ll have both originals (expensive) and prints/stickers (cheap).


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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