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I grew up a little differently than your average middle class kid. I think of the middle class as average now because I’ve been a part of it since the late 90s. However, it wasn’t always the case.

I grew up in a refinery town. It was a bit rougher than some, but not as rough as others. We didn’t have gangs, stabbings, and shootings. Although, we definitely had a lot of fist fights and failed marriages.

In the middle class, you basically have your alphas and your betas. Growing up working class though, it seemed a lot more alphas and cartoons. I was quite used to scenes in public, so used to it that it was just another day in the working class.

Even school had your cartoon relationships between boys and girls. They resembled cartoon characters with their lack of control leading to love spats in public. Half my high school class belonged on the Jerry Springer show.

They’d mimic their parents. Their parents would have epic fights, so they’d have epic fights. It’s downright cartoonish how much they resembled their parents.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been to their houses and watched everything unfold. The fights between the teenage lovers were exactly the same fights their parents had.

Working class vs ghetto

I’m fascinated talking to folks now in the middle class who grew up in the ghetto. One major difference between the working class and the ghetto is that in the ghetto, stakes are much higher. It’s best to avoid fights because sometimes, winning a fight could be fatal. What does that mean? Exactly what I said – kick someone’s ass and the next day, they’ll stab you in the back or shoot you.

You also have a pretty high percentage of cartoon males since fathers are such a rarity. In the middle class, we have a lot of feminazis who don’t need no man. They disregard the facts that say that jails are full of men without father figures. They also disregard the facts that say not having a father is one of the surest routes to poverty.

Working class folk though are extremely patriotic. This is something that middle class people don’t understand. A middle class man might accidentally stumble into a working class bar, start bad mouthing this country, then wonder why he got his ass kicked.

Working class folk also have something to live for. As hard as the working class life is, it’s a good life. Thus, they’re generally not going to shoot or stab you. A lot of ghetto folk have nothing to lose. They just may shoot or stab you.

Patriotic vs victim mentality

Whereas I said in the middle class, it was alpha or beta. In the working class, it was alpha or cartoon. There’s another mentality I wanted to touch on – patriotic vs victim mentality. Working class folks tend to be extremely patriotic.

For some odd reason, both ghetto folk and the middle class have a lot of victim mentality. They’re victims of pretty much everything. It’s not their fault, it’s someone else’s. Not excusing it, but at least it somewhat makes sense in the ghetto.

Middle class victim mentality? Give me a break. Try spending a week in the third world and see how the rest of the world lives.

Main differences in Alphas vs Cartoons

Alphas have a lot of self-control. They tend to believe in free will and take control of their lives.

Male and female cartoons on the other hand resemble males and females respectively. However, they’re almost a parody of the real thing. Normal people are very complicated. Cartoons don’t have much depth.

Cartoons tend to lose it often. Cartoon males are downright dangerous and jails are full of them.

Here are some examples of alphas vs cartoons that are fresh in everyone’s memories – Tom Brady is an alpha male. His wife Giselle is an alpha female. (Folks often underestimate just how wise Giselle is). Aaron Hernandez is a cartoon male. Hernandez should have two Super Bowl rings to go along with his eight figure net worth. Instead, he’s dead. He lacked the self-control to let things slide.

If you cut me off in traffic, I’ll think you’re an idiot and will be mad for exactly 1.5 seconds. Then, I’ll forget all about you and get back to the music. (I’m always listening to music). Not so with a cartoon. That’s another perfect example of alphas vs cartoons.

Alphas vs cartoons – it’s genetics, right?

Let’s go back to Brady vs Hernandez in my alphas vs cartoons example. A lot of folks think genetics have a big role in it. Um, no. Let’s not forget, Brady almost didn’t get drafted because he was “too slow,” “too skinny,” and “too weak” to play in the NFL. Yes, those are all statements scouts made.

Brady didn’t have the awesome genetics. However, Hernandez did. Hernandez had the body most men want. He was the one who was genetically gifted. Blessed from birth.

But who used their lives better? That’s quite obvious.

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