Alpha vs Beta. The secret? It’s all about control

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Alpha vs Beta vs Cartoon. I’m not going to add male or female in there, because it applies to both males and females. And I’ll quickly go straight to the punch – Alpha vs Beta vs Cartoon males or females, it’s all about control.

Alphas are in control of their lives. Betas let life control them. And Cartoon males and females resemble cartoon characters, thus is why I call them “cartoon.” They’re incomplete males or females, very cartoonish.

Nobody is pure Alpha or Beta or Cartoon, because humans are very complex creatures. And there are also situational roles. I’m quite happy letting others lead, especially when I recognize they got spectacular abilities that I do not possess.

For instance, I pay two personal trainers and dieticians to tell me what to do. They pretty much tell me everything to do and I follow because they know more about health than I do. In this case, they’re the Alphas and I’m the Beta. Do I have a problem with that? Hell no! How the fuck am I supposed to learn anything if I already know everything?

Alpha vs Beta in life

In real life, you have obvious cases of Alphas and Betas. Betas let life push them around. They’re always complaining about how unfair the world is to them. Because, the world is out to get them and it makes them so frustrated that they’re literally shaking!

Alphas on the other hand get it. They’re in control of their lives. Sure, things don’t always go their way. Do they panic? Do they make a big scene like a Cartoon male or female would? No, they generally let it go unless it was really important.

Cartoons in real life make a scene. You’ll see a Cartoon female screaming at her boyfriend in public, or start a fight with another girl right in front of everyone else in the office, or do something else that belongs in a cartoon, not in real life.

Aaron Hernandez is a classic example of a cartoon male. He killed two men supposedly over a spilled drink. A spilled drink!

The world is full of Betas and Cartoons

Alphas are a minority. They’re in control of pretty much every aspect of their lives. When something goes wrong, they fix it.

Betas and Cartoons are the majority. That’s what really scares me about Democracy. Betas and Cartoons vote, and since they don’t control their own lives, they want the government to control us all. For a free thinker like me who doesn’t fit in to any group, that really scares me.

Thus another reason I want more people to become Alphas. I want to see people with more can do attitudes. I also want to work with more can do people. You all know how much I love people who believe in themselves.

People who believe in themselves and accomplish things inspire me. When I see someone doing something cool, I think it’s cool.

How to become more Alpha

1. Control your health. Health should always be your #1 priority. Without good health, you become a burden on your loved ones. With good health, you can do anything.

2. Control your self-talk. That inner voice matters. If it’s always doubting you, then you’re much more likely to fail. If it’s always encouraging, then you greatly increase your chances of succeeding.

3. Control your posture and own your space. Stand up straight and show some pride in yourself. Don’t let life push you around. You’re an awesome person. Start acting like you can do things and you’ll be able to do things.

4. Control your feelings. You, yes you, control your feelings. If you let someone else control your feelings, you’re not alpha. Perfect example – Eleanor Roosevelt. She was an alpha female. Her infamous quote – No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Alpha, like anything else, is a learned skill. If you’re young and still in school, I strongly recommend you take Speech and Writing classes. Because social skills will get you far in life, and Speech is quite possibly the most important class you can take in college, if you choose to go the college route.

Let me also add to control your finances and control your relationships. And let’s not forget to manage your stress. If you’re in a dysfunctional relationship, end it. Now. People don’t change and you can’t fix them.

Cover image is a shot I took a few years back near the California and Nevada border. If you learn to be Alpha, you will have way more control over your life and that control will give you a lot more freedom.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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