Alpha Alpha Marriage

I don’t believe marriage is ideal for most people. It’s an outdated institution from the days when most people were involved in agriculture. States with no fault divorce have high rates of divorce, which proves my point.

That said, marriage is great for some people. It’s been great for us because we work as a team to get what we both want.

I married an alpha female. How can you tell when a woman is an alpha? Very easily. If a woman gets what she wants, she’s an alpha.

Now, if life pushes her around, she’s a beta. However, if life pushes her around, it is never her fault. She had bad luck, bad genetics, it’s my fault, it’s your fault, it’s white people, or she’s just unlucky with health issues. Fucking losers can never admit they’re fucking losers, which is unfortunate. The first step to correcting a problem is admitting there’s a problem. More on that later.

I’m sympathetic to folks with cancer or someone who got hit by a car. I’m not sympathetic to people who make bad choices and blame everyone else.

Anyways, I married an alpha. She’s tall, attractive, and she gets what she wants out of life.

We have an Alpha Alpha Marriage

We have an alpha alpha marriage. I put her first. She puts me first. We make sure the other person wins no matter what the problem is.

We both have flaws. All humans have flaws and the most stupid thing you can possibly believe is that you’re perfect. You’ll never grow if you believe that shit.

We both know each other’s flaws and we compensate accordingly. We also know each other’s strengths and we encourage accordingly.

We’re both successful stock investors. She uses common sense. She has a sense which companies rule and which companies suck and invests accordingly. I follow Peter Lynch as he knows his shit and has the track record to prove it. Those who invested with Peter Lynch back in the day are all multi-millionaires.

We move constantly as moving into an underpriced home and selling it after two or three years will make you a nice chunk of change. She doesn’t mind being a little bit uncomfortable as my track record speaks for itself.

Both of us get to do what we love

She loves to travel. I love my guitar. We both get what we want and support each other accordingly.

She declared back in 2014 that we already have enough money, so every year, we leave the country to a country we haven’t been to before. Why? Because that’s what she wants to do. She wants to die with lots of footprints all over the planet.

I want to die with two great symphonies, at least one great ballet, a violin concerto, a serenade for strings, and five great albums to my name. I haven’t released anything great yet, so I got a long way to go. Yet another reason I have to stay healthy. I have to live up to my dreams.

Don’t settle for an asshole or a bitch

So if you’re the marrying type, don’t settle for an asshole or a bitch who will hold you back. Have an alpha alpha marriage. Life is meant to be lived, my friends.

I really hate to see a marriage where one person gets everything and the other person gets nothing. I see it all the time. Why even get married? Those folks are wasting their lives away.

Life is very short, my friends. And you don’t get another chance to be you. Whether you believe in Heaven and Hell or if you believe in absolutely nothing, regardless, you’re you only once.

Just about the worst mistake you can make is to marry the wrong person, someone who crushes your dreams. You’ll die bitter, and yes, I can guarantee you that. You’ll die with regrets.

Sure, if I died tomorrow, I’d die with regrets because I haven’t lived up to my dreams. But I’m not planning on dying tomorrow. We’re both making sure we’re as healthy as possible because out of life, she wants footprints all over the planet and I want musical greatness.

We live in an Alpha Alpha Marriage

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Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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