Your health should always be your #1 priority

What’s more important than money? What’s more important than being a functional relationship? Give you a hint. It’s the same thing.

Your health should always be your primary priority. I cannot stress this enough.

Romantic Metal talks about your health

Always put your health first

For the record, this is not a health blog and I don’t ever intend to make it a health blog. I’m a musician/composer first, and a writer second. However, I’m well aware of how important health is. So I stress health.

Hot tips to improve your health

Get off of processed foods

Processed foods cause everything from diabetes to cancers. You don’t want all those unnatural chemicals in your body. The sooner you cut processed foods out of your diet, the better.

Avoid the middle of the grocery store because that’s where all the processed foods are. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and meats because those are real foods.


This goes without saying. Diet is more important than exercise. However, exercise will boost your morale and cut down stress in addition to being good for your body. Thus, you should be both improving your diet and exercising.

What exercise should you do? You tell me. You do what you want to do. For me, I found weightlifting to be fun and I actually look forward to going to the gym five times a week. So for me, my exercise is obviously weightlifting.

If you’re looking forward to an exercise, that’s the right one for you. Whatever you do, do something. Being a couch potato will kill you.

Consider juicing

Juicing has all kinds of benefits. It’s one of the many things I do to help me look younger. It also has the wonderful side effect of helping you smell better.

Plus, you get all kinds of really good vitamins and minerals from juicing. In addition, a lot of fruits and vegetables have antioxidants which help decrease your cancer risk.

So take these things seriously. Like the old Chinese saying goes, when a man is healthy, he wants a thousand things. When he is sick, he only wants one thing. That saying is probably over a thousand years old, but still rings true today.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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