Really narrowing down my diet specifics

In the previous article, I talked about how I got to my current weight. As I’ve said, it’s simply a combination of diet and exercise since you need both to be effective.

I got pretty specific with my exercise routine. However, let’s really get into my diet specifics.

Diet specifics

As I said, I only eat two meals a day. I intermittent fast from 6PM all the until Noon on average. So on an average day, I allow my body 18 hours to digest my food.

All my juicings consist of 6 carrots, 1 large beet (or two small beets), and a big chunk of ginger. Now, my average juicing contains 6 carrots, 1 large beet, 1 apple, 4 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1 lemon, and 1 clove of garlic. Because I don’t want to get cancer, everything on the dirty dozen list I eat organic. The other components I may or may not organic, depending on availability and price. Also note that you may not want to add that one clove of garlic. That may be too overpowering for a lot of folks.

I eat a salad with every dinner. I top every salad with extra virgin olive oil and Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. My salads do not contain iceberg lettuce since that stuff is crap. I generally use the bags of salad mixes that I buy from the local farmers at the local farmer’s market. I like those.

Steak rubs and marinades

I eat steaks three times a week and pot roast once a week. So yes, I eat a lot of steak. That could clog your arteries if you live a sedentary lifestyle. However, as a weightlifter, I need that much protein and fat.

I alternate between several rubs or marinades, which I make myself. My American steakhouse consists of Kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, and garlic. When I want Italian, I marinade the steak in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, basil, rosemary, thyme, and oregano (WARNING – careful when cooking that! If grilling, you need to pay extra attention). My Mexican marinade consists of Tapatío, salt, pepper, garlic, cumin, and chili powder. For my Filipino marinade, I use Filipino soy sauce, Filipino vinegar, garlic, and black pepper.

Note that I’ve said many times that men shouldn’t eat soy. The good news is when soy sauce is made, the estrogen components are destroyed. I’m not a scientist but I’ve had this explained to me by professional health people and I trust them.

Pot roast

For my pot roast, I buy a good roast, four potatoes, a whole onion, 5 or 6 cloves of garlic (I love garlic), and marinade it with a tablespoon of salt, tons of black pepper, and a bay leaf or two (remember to remove them when finished). I add a cup or two of water too. If I’m feeling Mexican, I add Tapatío and cumin. If I’m feeling Italian, I add basil, rosemary, thyme, and oregano.

Note with the salt – if you have high blood pressure, you might want to reduce your salt intake. If you don’t, then don’t worry about it. Contrary to popular opinion, salt is not bad for you unless you have high blood pressure. The Japanese eat tons of salt and live four years longer than we do. Why? Because they eat more fish, less carbs, and smaller portions.

I also use the pot roast as a chance to eat some of the veggies we get at the local farmer’s market. I simply cut them up and throw those in there. Everything goes in a big crock pot, cooked at low heat for eight hours.


I love fish. When we go out for sushi, I eat sashimi. When I cook, it’s simply salmon. With salmon, I’ll marinate it in one of two ways. I either use a half a lemon and freshly ground black pepper or a teaspoon of Tapatío. That’s it. Buy good salmon and don’t over spice it. Especially, do not overcook it. Err on undercooked rather than overcooked with salmon.

When we go out for Southern food or Soul food, I get catfish. I love how they cook catfish!

Note that when we eat fish, we’ll eat a big ass salad and a little bit of rice. The trick here is to get way more calories from the fish than the carbs. Carbs give folks a quick energy rush, then an energy drop. Thus, you’ll see people nap after a big meal which slows down your metabolism. You don’t want to do that.


I do not cook chicken breasts. I strongly believe they are a bad idea because you’re getting protein only. You might as well just have a protein shake with milk.

Besides, chicken is the most bland tasting meat of the four main ones I eat. The skin contains most of the flavor.

So, take any of the spice combinations from the steak rubs and marinades and also add Indian. For Indian, I first cook an onion in coconut oil in a big pot. Then I add garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, salt, pepper, and mustard seeds. Then I throw in four tomatoes.

After the tomatoes, I throw in the chicken. In a side steaming pot, I steam veggies. I’ll throw those steamed veggies into the mix with the meat about five minutes before it’s all done. If you’re wondering which ones, whatever veggies are in season at the local farmer’s market.


For pork, I only cook it one of two ways. I either cook it Mexican or Filipino. Same spices as with the steak rubs and marinades.

No snacking except…

I don’t snack. Except once a week, we have a local European board game night and I bring a bag of chips. I allow myself that weekly sin. I might even have a beer or two that night. Or, I’ll have a glass of wine.

Fruits and yogurt

Often for my first meal of the day, I’ll have some yogurt which is great for my digestive system. We call good bacteria our “friends” as they help you digest your food. Young folks don’t have to worry about that stuff but us older folks, we should be taking that seriously.

My wife and I both like strawberries and blueberries. Both, we eat organic only as they’re notorious for pesticides. We’ll often eat apples as well and she really likes mangoes, so if they’re in season, we’ll eat those too.

I really like heirloom tomatoes. I eat those with salt. There’s nothing like fresh heirloom tomatoes with salt.

So those are my diet specifics. I know this stuff works because it got me results.

Romantic Metal diet specifics

Me at a very healthy 145 pounds, where I want to be


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.


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