My 2c on cardio

my 2c on cardio

I’m in phenomenal shape for my age group. My resting blood pressure is 120/70 and my resting heartbeat is 63 bpm. I’m old. I’m not young.

Sure, it was much better when I was younger. But there’s a reason why you see most professional athletes taper off at 30. Sometimes even before that.

Time is cruel. It does horrible things to our bodies. You also heal substantially slower as you age.

I remember tumbling down the stairs at 42. I fucked up my ankle.

Normally, I’d laugh that off and the next day, I’d be cherry. I was like the Wolverine. I’d always heal.

Well, 42 is when that stopped.

Knowing yourself

Everyone is different. I’d also get away with murder when it came to diet. I took having hypoglycemia as something I just had to deal with. So I continued to put junk into my body since I’d just burn it off anyways.

Until I didn’t.

One day I looked in the mirror at 43 and realized I was skinny fat, which is the absolute last thing you want when you’re a man.

Buffed fat will still attract a few attractive chicks. Skinny fat? No.

That’s when I decided to make the change. I cut my drinking way down. I started lifting weights. And I even started to jog a little here and there.

I quickly became buffed fat. Huge improvement, but still not where I needed to be.

Hired two pros

So I hired two weightlifting coaches. One also doubled as my dietician.

I ate a semi-paleo diet. High in meats, fruits, and veggies. No processed foods. No processed sugar. I even learned to drink my coffee black.

One of my coaches stressed cardio. The other said I didn’t need cardio at all.

Which one was right about cardio?

You know who was right? Both of them.

Cardio is good for your heart. Diet though is way more important if you want to look good naked. And you know the best of all? Weightlifting plus diet.

It wasn’t cardio that got my heart rate and blood pressure down. It was the dietary change plus weightlifting.

The non-cardio coach showed me a weightlifting routine to double as a cardio workout. You know what the concept was? Lift these weights. Don’t take a break. Then lift those weights.

That’s it. Got my workout heart rate up. Which got my resting heart rate down. Make sense? Good.

The other coach stressed cardio. He said cardio should be 20% of your workouts. He was right too.

I got outstanding results from both of them.

So like everything else, I say try different shit until you find what works for you. You and I don’t have the same bodies. We don’t even have the same morals.

Maybe you’re a vegan. More power to you. Like I always say, you be you.

Personally, I hate doing cardio. I’ll still run a mile a month. I aim to run a mile a week but always end up doing other exercises instead. That’s how much I hate cardio.

I’ll still live to be 100. Cardio or no cardio

However, if you do a lot of cardio and you get fantastic results, then stick with it.

Here’s the only thing that matters – results. Do what gets you results.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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