Things I do to minimize cancer risk

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One of the harsh facts of life is that sometimes, there’s luck involved. Cancer is one of those things. You can do everything right, and you can still get cancer.

Does that freak me out? Of course it does! My mother died of cancer, which means that increases my risk of cancer. I have to be more careful than Joe or Jane who doesn’t have cancer in their family history.

So that said, what I do I do minimize cancer risk?

Things I do to minimize cancer risk

Stay slim

Stay slim. Yes, you can be slim and get cancer. And yes, you can be fat and live to be 90 and never get cancer. But once again, we’re talking odds.

I’ve heard of all the places you don’t want fat – the belly. So this is what I’ve done to cut my belly fat.

Did it work? Yes.

Fruits & veggies

Lycopene is supposed to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. So I’ve increased my tomato intake.

I don’t believe a vegetarian diet helps. I think it’s complete bullshit pushed by vegetarians to justify their eating habits.

My great-grandfather was a farmer and he ate eggs and fresh meat every single morning and meat and potatoes for dinner. He lived to be 94, and was tough as nails.

That said, fruits and veggies help alkaline your body and early studies have been promising that that will help. We started juicing awhile back since that’s the easiest way to increase our fruits and veggies intake.


I strongly believe that if you want to keep an exercise routine going, you have to pick something you actually like doing. Thus for us, it’s weightlifting.

I also do sprints for cardio. I like sprints because they’re over in fifteen minutes. I’m not a runner. I find running very boring. However, if that’s your thing, more power to you. Like I said, I strongly believe that you should pick an exercise routine that you enjoy doing.

Not take life too seriously

This is me in a wax museum in Madrid, Spain. We don’t take life too seriously. Stress will kill you, and I believe that literally.

reducing stress helps minimize cancer risk
Me in a wax museum in Spain

Every year, we have a hard rule to visit a country we’ve never been to before since my wife’s life goal is to die with tons of passport stamps. I haven’t seen studies on this, but I strongly believe reducing stress will help minimize cancer risk.

I’m all ears!

This article, I may be the student and you may be the teacher. I’ve done research, but I’m by no means an expert at what causes cancer. If you are, by all means, feel free to share what you know.

If I like what you have to offer, I’ll incorporate it into my lifestyle. I’m always learning, always growing.

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