It’s because she’s lying to herself

lying to herself

I got a female friend, I’ll call her Martha, who keeps talking about losing weight. She’s spending tons of money on workout programs and also spent money on a diet professional to plan her diet. Note that this is exactly what I did to lose weight. I hired two professionals – one a dietician/weightlifter and the other a straight up weightlifter.

Yet, I got great results. She did not.

Why is that?

Because she’s lying to herself

Straight up because she’s lying to herself. I’ve seen her do it many times.

I’ve said before that you’ll experience some discomfort when dieting. Suck it up! It’s not all beds of roses.

Martha will get really, really hungry. Then, she’d eat some carbs.

Now, her dietician made her keep a journal of every single thing she eats. Martha will straight up lie and put in there that it was only a few chips when it was the whole fucking bag.

OK, it’s one thing to lie to your dietician. But your dietician is not the one who’s gonna get diabetes. That would be you. If you lie to yourself, you suffer the consequences.

Why I’ve been successful

Over the same time period, she’s barely lost anything. I’ve lost about 40 pounds of fat and put on 20 pounds of muscle. I feel fucking great because I did every single mother fucking thing the people I paid money to told me to do.

No lying. No cheating. They tell me to do it, I do it and I don’t bullshit around.

They told me to cut my carbs way down, increase my protein, increase my fat, and do cardio on the side. I don’t take lazy days. The only time I don’t work out is when I’m sick, and I’m rarely sick nowadays because their diet is the bomb. It’s really good – so full of nutrients and so healthy that I’m stronger and healthier than ever, despite being in my mid-40s.

I’m sharing this with you because I’m telling you how to get results. That’s how you get results. You follow the guidelines and don’t cheat and don’t lie.

Martha lying to herself cost her the chance to be healthy. And you know what? She’ll keep sneaking snacks and denying she’s eating them. She’ll keep missing workouts because she’s “not in the mood.” And she’ll wonder why she’s just not getting the results that other people are getting.

Geez. I wonder why.


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