Juicing will make you smell better

Do you want to smell better? I’m not talking about switching your brand of deodorant. I’m talking about your natural smell.

Despite being a musician, I’ve talked about health and diet a lot. It’s for a reason, because I want my readers to be healthy.

I started juicing about a year ago. No, not steroids juicing. I’m talking about juicing vegetables and fruits.

Juicing helps you smell better naturally

I sweat like a pig when I work out. I wear a bandana on stage because I sweat so much. I’ll never not wear my glasses, so I have to do something to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Thus, either a headband or a bandana.

Unfortunately, I started balding at the age of 31 and headbands on balding males look silly. Thus, I switched from a headband to a bandana.

So despite sweating profusely, I still don’t stink. That’s also despite me having a carnivorous diet.

You’ve always heard that people who eat tons of meat stink. Not so in my case, because I juice. The juicing helps you smell better big time.

It does take time though. It doesn’t improve your smell right away. I’m talking about months, probably about six months or so when I started to smell better due to juicing.

Despite eating so much meat, my sweat smells like veggies. Watch my juicing video and you’ll see my recipe. I usually throw in about six carrots, one beet, several turnips (for flavoring), plus various other fruits and vegetables.

I absolutely loathe the taste of beets so I add tons of ginger to counteract the taste of beets. You definitely want to throw a beet in your juicing though because it helps your blood flow better than just about anything else. That beet is quite possibly the best thing you can do before you lift weights.

Don’t even need deodorant

I no longer wear deodorant every day. I of course take a shower after working out, because I’m literally covered in sweat. That would be disgusting not to. But in Winter, it’s pointless as my sweat literally smells like vegetables.

That’s mostly due to juicing, but on top of juicing, my wife and I still eat greens. We subscribe to an organic fruit and vegetable delivery service which supplies us with local organic produce. Those fruits and vegetables, we eat outright (not juice). We support the Slow Food movement, and also want to be healthy.

Anyways, try it. Start juicing. You’ll notice that not only will you feel much better, you will smell better as well. Smelling better takes time as your body chemistry takes awhile to change.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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