In defense of alcohol

romantic metal in defense of alcohol

So, I drink. No, I’m not writing this article in defense of alcohol to justify my drinking. It’s because I strongly believe that alcohol is in fact good for you. Of course, assuming you drink in moderation.

Let’s talk about a few facts here.

In defense of alcohol – longevity

Jeanne Calment was the oldest proven living person ever. She lived for 122 years. In fact, she met Vincent van Gogh who actually visited her father’s shop.

Ms Calment drank on a daily basis. And she smoked.

She drank coffee in the morning and when it came to alcohol, she drank either white wine or port wine. I don’t like either, but that’s besides the point. I prefer red wine. The thing is, we’re talking about alcohol. Keep reading.

Blood thinner and why that’s so important

Contrary to popular opinion, heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States of America. Source – CDC (2015 stats are the latest I could find). Thus, anything you can do to thin your blood is a good thing.

You’ll hear some doctors actually prescribe aspirin. It has a similar blood thinning effect as alcohol. However, I don’t trust aspirin long-term when it comes to my stomach lining.

Of course, drinking too much will damage your liver, prematurely age you, and eventually kill you.

I’m not talking about alcoholics though. If you’re an alcoholic, you shouldn’t drink. Period. You already know that. I’m talking about regular Joe and Jane.

I’m planning on living to at least 100

Personally, I want to make it to a century. Why? Because I got so much I want to accomplish in this lifetime. Of course, this assumes my brain is still intact. If it’s not, I’m calling Dr Kevorkian.

My artwork has been steadily improving. So has my composition. I want to be both a great composer and a great painter.

Whether we like it or not, health matters, especially your diet. Your health could literally mean the difference between achieving your dreams and dying or getting too sick to achieve them.

The longer I live, assuming I have my health, the more I can accomplish. That sounds like common sense to me.

What I drink

I drink mostly red wine. I really should drink daily but I often forget to. It’s a habit I really should incorporate into my life.

I get really busy though. When I work on something, I focus on it and only it. That makes me forget about everything else.

It’s very effective to think like that. However as a side effect, I often neglect something else. In this case, it’s daily drinking.

I don’t really like beer that much except for Guinness and Anchor Stream. Guinness is fantastic and Anchor Stream is one of those drinks that goes with pretty much everything.

When it comes to liquor, I enjoy a good quality single-malt Scotch without ice. Or I’ll drink a fine bourbon with ice. When it comes to bourbon, it’s usually Buffalo Trace.

The picture is of Black Barrel Jameson Irish Whiskey. I added a shot to my milkshake last night. It was 95 degrees outside and even when it started cooling off, it took forever for the house to cool down. So I enjoyed a milkshake with some whiskey in it.

Social lubricator

Add some alcohol, and Jim turns into a total asshole. Does the alcohol make him an asshole? No. Jim is an emotional coward and it takes alcohol to show his true self.

I’m not talking about Jim. I’m talking about the average Joe or Jane who over the years has built up a wall. Especially today with political correctness making the entire country walk on eggshells, we could use alcohol as a social lubricant. That wall is higher than it’s ever been.

It’s funny. I expected health to be my main argument in defense of alcohol. But to be quite honest, I rank alcohol as a social lubricant just as high.

Alcohol eases the tongue and that’s a good thing if you surround yourself with the right people. If you’re surrounding yourself with back stabbing assholes, the problem is your people filter, not the alcohol. You really need to work on the former.

I love the people I drink with. Alcohol helps get the conversations flowing and also helps take off some of the bullshit masks we’re forced to wear.

Friends and drinking

I’m also generally closer to people who drink than people who don’t. Not a coincidence. I really hate the stereotype of extroverts being insincere. I’m an extrovert, and I’m very sincere. I’ve had the same friends forever and every year, I add a friend or two.

Alcohol helps turn acquaintances into friends. It helps folks go from small talk to more emotionally intimate talk that they can’t say at work.

You’ll also notice that folks are more generous with hugs when they drink. Does that matter? Of course it does! Hugs are powerful things.

I feel that Americans don’t hug enough. We’re getting better, but we’re still not as good as Argentinians or Mediterranean peoples. If anything can help improve that, it’s alcohol.

Anyways, I have to get back to my painting. If you drink, feel free to share with me what you enjoy. Also, feel free to share with me a positive drinking story. I don’t want to hear the negative ones though as I’m not in a mood for negative shit. I got a lot on my plate.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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