Fit or fat are mindsets

fit or fat is a mindset

My wife and I noticed something on each of our cruises. Each cruise ship we’ve ever been on offers you the choice of stairs or elevators. You could be lazy. Or you could move.

Now keep in mind, cruise ships generally have older passengers. The majority of them are past sixty.

They often have their children and even grandchildren with them. But still, the vast majority of cruise passengers are in their sixties.

Doesn’t matter though. What we noticed applies for all ages. The fit people take the stairs. The fat people take the elevators. Almost every single time.

It’s almost a joke. I didn’t photograph this because I don’t want to violate anyone’s privacy. So far though, we’ve taken three cruises with three different cruise companies and for each one, the same applied.

The mornings

I woke up every morning before 7AM, even if I stayed up past midnight. I hate sleeping in since I don’t want to miss anything exciting on vacation.

First thing every morning, I grab some coffee then go for a walk.

I walk fast. On the Alaskan cruise, there was this little lady who had to be at least 70 who’d pass my ass up. She’d say “excuse me” in a polite voice, then pass me up. Like I said, I walk fast. This lady, past 70, walks faster. Take one guess what she looks like.

Now, I will see fat people up that early. If they walk, they’re walking really slowly and stopping to take pictures. More power to them though. At least they’re up and walking. I love seeing that. Plus, take tons of pictures! It’s gorgeous out there. Alaska, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean. All gorgeous sites. Definitely take lots of pictures.

That said though, take a guess which set of people are seriously walking versus the ones who either sleep in, or walk really slow?

Fit or fat? It’s totally a mindset. It involves pretty much everything you do.

Fit or fat office workers

Bless her heart. Candy (former co-worker, not her real name) is a sweetheart. Can’t lose weight to save her life though.

Candy gets the shit work because her peers are lazy selfish pieces of shit. So she does it since no one else will do it.

She’s definitely someone I’d want to work for me.

But for herself, she has a “save the world” mentality. Candy forgets about Candy.

I’ve told her this many, many times. “You need to start putting yourself first.”

At first, she didn’t get it. But I think it’s finally starting to sink in.

Candy would often miss meals. She’d be busting ass since her peers wouldn’t do their fucking jobs and she’d end up having to cover for them.

So while she’s missing meals, she doesn’t even realize she’s doing this. She’ll open a bag of chips and eat the whole bag.

Then she’d come up to me at 3PM and complain that she missed both breakfast and lunch and she had nothing to eat today. So she’ll eat some cookies.

OK people, take one guess what’s better for you? Eating breakfast and lunch, or eating a whole bag of chips and some cookies.

Whereas like I said before, I’d love to have Candy work for me. I’d like it more if she told everyone else to fuck themselves, report their lazy asses, and took care of herself.

Needless to say, Candy is fat.

What about the fit ones?

What about them? They’re busy too. They simply know when to stop working and take a break. Go for a walk during a lunch break.

They’ll have gym memberships and they’ll actually use those memberships. Or, they’ll join a running club and run with three or four other people.

They’ll discuss the latest fad diet and whether or not it worked for them. Then, they’ll compare stories.

The funny thing? They’re pretty open minded about trying out new things until they find something that actually works.

Not everything works. Sometimes, you have to try it out and see if it works for you. They’ll actually do that.

Candy will attempt a fad diet and quit it after a week or two. She even has a gym membership that she never uses. She’s always got an excuse though. You could categorize her excuses. Too busy, not enough time, not in the mood, too much traffic, she’s just exhausted and needed to relax and watch TV.

How to actually lose weight

I’ve written up on how to actually lose weight many, many times, so click that link if you’re serious. But the gist of this article is more on the mental than the action. If you don’t have the right mindset, my ideas will only work short term and you’ll pack on what you worked off.


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