An example of one week of food for two

one week of food

Here’s a photographic example of one week of food for two. You’ll notice the following.


We get the bulk of our calories from meat and seafood. Contrary to those idiotic “health experts” of the past, meat is good for you. A low fat diet is the worst thing you can eat. You need fat. Fats provide calories and also, you cannot break down Vitamins A, D, E, and K without fats.

Plus, meats taste delicious. Nothing tastes better than a good old American steak. Second to steak – fish. Yum!

Fruits and Vegetables

We eat around eight servings of fruits and vegetables each every single day. As much as we love meats, it’s important to alkalize our bodies.

Too much acidity and you’ll get a lot of physical discomfort. Thus, we alkalize with fruits and vegetables.

What’s missing

We also bought ice cream which we put away immediately for obvious reasons. It’s the Summer in California. It gets really hot. Plus, we bought a few gallons of milk and we didn’t want them to spoil. We do like our ice cream and the milk is for the whey protein shakes.

You didn’t see any processed foods because we didn’t buy any. We’re completely off of processed foods because that stuff is complete shit. You are what you eat and we prefer not to eat garbage.

Extra stuff

We already have the rice, pasta, and coffee. We buy that stuff in bulk. However, we eat small portions of rice and pasta when we eat that. We still eat carbs, but only in small portions. We get the bulk of our calories from meats, then fruits and vegetables next.

As for coffee, we buy coffee online. I drink my coffee black.

Advantages to this diet

This diet has done wonders for my hypoglycemia. I no longer have hypoglycemia and can tell you first hand how awesome that is! I was at the mercy of my caloric urges before. Now, I can easily go 24 hours without eating.

This diet is easy to regulate several things. My wife had high blood pressure and the way to regulate that is with sodium intake. Processed foods are notorious for high sodium. With them out of our diet, her sodium levels have dropped significantly. She can even salt her meats and her sodium levels are still way lower.

Since we don’t consume processed sugars, it’s easy to regulate our glycemic index. My blood pressure has been consistently excellent. Last measurement was 101 over 69. And I’m past my mid-40s. My last bpm was 75, although that was after a lot of walking in the hot sun. It’s often in the 60s.

So yes, tons of advantages. And of course, let’s not forget energy levels. I consistently have high energy throughout the day. No sugar spike then drop. And I sleep well at night.


In real life, a lot of people ask me what foods I buy organic. It’s very simple. I buy EWG’s dirty dozen list organic. The rest, I buy either organic or non-organic. The 2017 list lists strawberries, spinach, nectarines, apples, peaches, pears, cherries, grapes, celery, tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, and potatoes as their dirty dozen. I also buy cucumbers organic because they’re notorious for retaining pesticides.


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