How to drink coffee black

I use coffee to help me only have 13 weekly meals

Before I should explain how to drink coffee black, I should explain why. Why should you drink coffee black? Glad you asked.

Processed sugar is shit. It’s something you should cut out of your diet because it has too many bad side effects. Processed sugar contributes to diabetes. It rots your teeth.

It also spikes up your insulin levels and gives you a quick energy boost. Then you get an energy drop. You might as well do cocaine as at least cocaine will get you laid. (That’s a joke; I’m not advising you do to coke).

Processed sugar also contributes to obesity. Cutting it out of your diet will definitely help you lose weight.

“So, how do I drink coffee black?”

Good question. And for the record, I strongly advice people to drink more coffee, especially if they have Alzheimer’s in their family.

You start by cutting out that fast food garbage coffee with all the flavorings, soy, sugar, fake cream, and who knows what else? Cut that out completely. It figures that someone will take something good for you like coffee and figure out how to make it super bad for you.

Anyways, cut that out first. Then, you slowly put less sugar into your coffee until it’s black.

It took me three months to do. I used to have a nasty sweet tooth. Good thing I brush twice a day and floss once a day or else I’d be buying my dentist a brand new boat.

You may be able to pull it off sooner. If so, that’s great. It took me three months to do.

And that’s it. You slowly put less sugar into your coffee until it’s black.

Do it at your own pace. You know you better than I know you. However long it takes for you is how long it takes.

So, first thing in the morning, I drink two cups of coffee. I generally don’t eat breakfast as I practice intermittent fasting. It’s how I stay slim. And if you drink coffee black, guess what? No calories.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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