Cut out snacking. Yes, it matters.

One major difference between me and fat people. Some fat folks actually eat pretty healthy. Then, why are they fat? Simple, they eat too much.

Yes, there are others who eat complete shit. I’m not talking about them. We already know about them. I’m talking about the ones who eat pretty well, yet, still could use twenty or thirty pounds.

For them, the difference between me and them, is simply they eat too much.

Cut out snacking

Here’s a very simple secret that we all know is not a secret. It’s simply not practiced enough. Cut out snacking for good. Just cut it out. Cut down to two meals a day and don’t have a single calorie outside of those two meals.

Intermittent fasting does wonders for your body. With intermittent fasting and a low carb diet, you’ll have consistent energy levels throughout the day. Plus, you’ll allow your digestive system seventeen or eighteen hours to break down the food. There’s no proof of this yet, but I’m pretty sure folks who intermittent fast will have lower stomach and intestinal cancer rates than folks who don’t.

Snacking is evil. You look at me and you think “I eat exactly the same thing that he does and I need to lose twenty pounds and he’s right where he needs to be.”

Do the math

Well, here’s the difference. You ate that doughnut. I did not. That doughnut was two-hundred and fifty calories. I simply drank black coffee, which has zero calories. Multiply two-hundred fifty calories times thirty (for the whole month) and that’s the difference between me and you. You had 7750 calories more than I had this month. Otherwise, we’d be exactly the same.

Folks often rationalize their snacking. “Oh, it’s only a few potato chips.” Dude. I just saw you eat half the fucking bag! That’s not just a few potato chips.

Peer pressure

Americans are very friendly people. We love to share food. We often feel slighted when other folks don’t partake. Well, sometimes other folks want to lose weight. Don’t feel insulted. Encourage them on their pursuits.

It’s time to have a different mentality towards food. The whole country has turned fat. If socialized medicine wins out, my taxes go up. If the insurance companies win out, then my rates go up. Either way, this country’s weight problem affects my pocketbook.

Different things work for different people. I won’t say who is who, but several of the actresses I’ve worked with are Vegan. They’re slim, so apparently their diets work. Myself, I’m pretty close to Paleo except I happen to love dairy. I like my milk, my yogurt, and my ice cream. “Ice cream?” Yes, ice cream.

I can occasionally finish off a meal with ice cream because I know exactly how many calories and micro-nutrients I had that day and if I like where I’m at, I can have my ice cream. If I don’t, I can’t.

Knowing what you put into your body is half the battle. It’s about self-control. Cut out snacking entirely and you’ll get results.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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