Coffee is a wonder drug

I use coffee to help me only have 13 weekly meals

Coffee is a wonder drug. Yes, that cup of joe you drink every morning? Brilliant idea! (Actually, have five or six of them).

I remember traveling state to state with Grandma. She’s about to turn 100. Still alive.

Anyways, she would drink 9-12 cups of coffee every single day. You know how everyone else always bugs you to drink water? Well, she drinks coffee.

Coffee is a wonder drug – appetite suppressant

So I’m down to two meals a day. Contrary to popular opinion, breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day. That was a slogan by the cereal companies in the 1940s to get you to buy their garbage.

I don’t eat that shit. There are no boxes of cereal in our house because we don’t eat garbage. We eat real food.

Anyways, coffee makes a wonderful appetite suppressant. Since I intermittent fast for 17 or 18 hours a day, which gives my body 17 or 18 hours to digest my big ass dinner, I will get hungry around 10 or 11. If I have to eat lunch at noon or 1, I’ll have a cup of coffee and lo and behold, I’ll be focusing on my work instead of thinking about food.

Coffee is a wonder drug – Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

My biggest fear of all of course is losing my mind. I’m an artist. I have symphonies to compose. However, I won’t be able to compose them if I lost my mind.

So what is the best prevention for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s? Well, there are several. Stay fit, have a healthy diet, and drink five cups or more of coffee a day.


Yeah, you heard me correctly. Stay fit, have a healthy diet, and drink five cups or more of coffee a day because coffee just may be the secret weapon against brain degenerative diseases.

Researchers are still working on the link. However, the studies are already in. Folks who drink tons of coffee have significantly less chances of degenerative brain diseases.

Of course, nothing in life is a guarantee. We’re just playing the odds in life. But if you’re playing the odds, then play the odds.

That’s why I force myself to drink alcohol at least a few days a week. Alcohol thins your blood and helps keep your heart disease rates down. This is despite me more often than not forgetting to drink.

The same applies with coffee and your brain. You want to stay sharp? Learn a musical instrument. And drink lots of coffee.

Coffee tastes good

Since I learned to drink my coffee black, like my women, I’ve also learned to control my sugar. Sugar is your enemy. Carbs make people fat and sugar is one of the worst carbs.

Of course high fructose corn syrup is worse than sugar, but we’re talking about getting slapped in the face versus kicked in the nuts. They’re both bad for you. Avoid them both.

So, since I’ve learned to drink my coffee black, I’ve also learned to savor real, healthy foods better. I can actually taste food again.

I used to depend on sweeteners. Not any more.

It took about three months, but I did it. And you know what? Good coffee is delicious! It really is.

Maybe you can do it cold turkey. To be honest, I tried and couldn’t do it. It took me three months to gradually reduce the sugar content until it got down to zero.

But when I did, I started being able to taste other foods better as well. It was like a snowball effect where everything started tasting better.

Anyways, enjoy your coffee! I’m off to drink another cup.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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