Changes since we’ve been alkalizing our bodies

I’m not going to make any bold claims. Nor will I endorse some celebrity fad diet. I will just speak for myself.

My wife and I started alkalizing our bodies earlier this year. We got heavily into juicing and we now juice daily.

We start every morning juicing with the juice recipe in that above video. So, you might be wondering why we’re doing this. I’ll explain.

I eat tons of meat and lift weights. Meat is arguably the best thing you can possibly eat if you want to put on muscle. It’s arguably the best food for weightlifters, since the proteins and the fats from meats translate to muscle.

However, meat is acidic. Too much acid can lead to everything from cramps and gout to kidney stones and liver problems. Thus, we decided to do something to counter our meat consumption.

Since we’ve been alkalizing our bodies

Cramps are caused by acid buildup and of course dehydration will seriously speed that up. So I’m assuming you already know you’re supposed to drink tons of water when you exercise. You know that if you don’t drink enough, you get cramps in your muscles.

Alkalizing yourself also helps reduce cramps. It helps counteract the acid buildup in your muscles. Of course, it’s not a substitute for good old water, but it’s helped me big time. Honestly, I haven’t had to quit exercising due to cramps since we’ve started alkalizing our bodies. Not once.

The second major benefit is I’ve always had acne. No, not serious acne, but acne nonetheless. Since we started alkalizing, it’s declined to almost zero.

My nose doesn’t run as much either. I’ve always had problems with runny noses. But significantly less now. I’ve heard other people say the same thing, so it’s not just me.

And last but not least, my energy levels have been awesome. I have pretty good energy throughout the day. That’s partially due to cutting sugar and processed foods from our diets. So I can’t give all the credit to the alkalizing.

I’m not going to get into the other claims

I’m not even going to touch those bold claims like cancer fighting and some of the other stuff. That may or may not be complete nonsense. Right now, there’s simply not enough proof one way or another.

So, I’ll just end it with this. For me personally, I used to get some pretty nasty cramps when I worked out. I don’t anymore.

I also used to get a lot more acne. My skin is significantly better now.

And I used to have a problem with my nose running. I don’t anymore.

The first two, I’ll attribute to alkalizing our bodies. The third one may be coincidence because of some of the other things we do.

As for my energy levels, I work out pretty hard and I’ve been doing a lot to reduce my stress levels. So if anything, alkalizing helps, but it’s not the only cause for my increased energy levels. It’s probably better to give credit to cutting out sugars and processed foods.

So should you alkalize? Try it for a few months and see if you notice any difference. It definitely helped both my wife and me.

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If it’s all bullshit, at the very least, there are tons of nutrients in those foods


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