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I have never been overweight. It’s funny how people who are divorced three or four times love to give their opinions on love. Then you’ll see someone who is flat broke and heavily in debt who loves to give his opinions on how to get rich. Then, you’ll see someone who has a yo-yo weight pattern and he’ll tell you that I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to diet because he knows everything.

Well, I’ll tell you why I know what I’m talking about. I’ve never been overweight. My diet has been the same my entire life and it has worked for me. I’m about to share it with you.

A gram of protein contains 4 calories. A gram of carbohydrates contains 4 calories. And a gram of fat contains 9 calories. So, by simple logic, you think you need to reduce fat, right?

Not exactly.

A summary of my diet

Fat is OK

I eat fat. I cook with butter. I’ve never bought margarine in my life and never will. I put extra virgin olive oil and vinegar on my salads. I never trim the fat off my steaks. And I drink whole milk (without bovine growth hormone) and put cream in my coffee. Why do I eat fat? Because of two things.

1. Certain vitamins are fat soluble (A, D, E, and K to be precise). That means, you need fat in order to break them down. If you remove all the fat from your diet, you run the risk of having a deficiency in one of them. And we all know what vitamin deficiencies lead to.

2. When you have fat with your meals, your brain gets signaled when it’s time to stop eating. Carbohydrates don’t do that as effectively. Don’t believe me? Read the book The French Don’t Diet. They eat fatty foods all the time, tons of cheese, and they cook with butter. Yet, they don’t have an obesity problem. Why? It’s because they eat smaller portions. Like I said, fat will signal to your brain that you need to stop eating as you’ve had enough. Carbohydrates don’t do that as effectively.

Time magazine finally admitted they were wrong about butter about a month or two ago. It was on the cover. Yes Time, you were wrong. I was right all along. Apology accepted.

Lots of protein

Eat lots of protein. Muscle is basically protein and water. So enjoy that steak, chicken, pork, and whole milk. It’s good for you. Then do something to work out and build muscle whether it’s playing sports, hitting the weights, or simply walking.

Lots of fiber

Fiber is good for you. It helps your digestion. Eat whole grains, fruits, and veggies, especially those greens. No, not iceberg lettuce. That stuff is garbage. I’m talking about real greens. I’ve always had a good amount of fiber in my diet.

Cut high fructose corn syrup out of your diet completely

That stuff is garbage. Read the ingredients to what you’re about to put into your body. If it contains high fructose corn syrup, don’t buy it. Period. We have three months of food in our house at all times, and we have a tremendous diversity of food and spices. There’s not one gram of high fructose corn syrup anywhere in our house, so don’t tell me it’s not possible.

Don’t drink diet crap

That diet crap signals your brain that you’re still hungry. So guess what you do when you’re still hungry? You eat more. And you’ll eat too much. So cut that crap out of your diet as well.

Roman of Astral Eyes with 10-15% body fat for an article on my diet

this is me

That picture above is me. I’m not the most fit guy in the world. I’m not the least fit. I lift weights occasionally. I walk a lot. And I don’t really work out hard. But my weight is always the same and I have had between 10-15% body fat my whole life, which for me works.

I don’t follow fad diets. My calories are somewhat balanced between proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. All three are important, but for different reasons. I don’t believe in cutting any of those three out.

The problem we have today is we got too many people consuming too many carbohydrates. Don’t go the other extreme and cut them out of your diet. But do make sure the three are somewhat balanced. And as I’ve said before, eat your greens. Get your fiber. Eat whole grains. Have a good mixture of foods.

Hope this helps. Disclaimer – I’m not a nutritionist. I’m just some guy who’s in pretty good shape because I’ve always had a balanced diet.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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