I drink Bourbon, Scotch, or Guinness

You know the old 50s song “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.” Or you may know the John Lee Hooker cover of it. Or the George Thorogood cover of it. Regardless, you’ve heard the song before.

Funny, years later, those are my 3 drinks of choice – Bourbon, Scotch, or Beer.


For Bourbon, I’m partial to Buffalo Trace. It’s starting to take off around here. I first had it when I was at a bar in Walnut Creek, California and I told the bartender to make me a drink he likes to drink. So, he poured me Buffalo Trace Bourbon over ice and said “when I’m drinking, I like to know I’m drinking.” It’s stuck with me ever since. That’s my default drink of choice now.


When not on the road, I’ll have a Scotch after dinner. Right now as I’m typing this, I’m sipping Lagavulin 16 straight, not diluted. I enjoy the stuff immensely and dollar for dollar, it’s a pretty good Scotch.

Good Scotch

Lagavulin 16 and Laphroaig 25 Single Malt Scotches

Best Scotch I’ve ever had though was Laphroaig 25. Actually, best drink I’ve ever had, period. If our band makes our sales goals, I’m buying a bottle of Laphroaig 30 for the band. I can’t imagine a better drink, but I guess we’ll find out when we hit that goal.


As for beer, it’s Guinness. I like a lot of other beers, usually smaller breweries. But there’s just something about Guinness that makes it my default beer. It goes with pretty much anything, and it’s a good standalone beer as well.

I like Belgian beers, but not enough to pay twice the price of a Guinness for something I enjoy almost as much as a Guinness. If someone else is buying, I’ll drink it.

As for cocktails, it depends. Sometimes, there’s nothing like a good Bloody Mary. Best Bloody Mary I ever had was in Half Moon Bay, California in a bar downtown. If you’re ever there, it’s the main bar downtown. Can’t miss it.

In the Dominican Republic a few months ago, my drink of choice was the Mama Juana. I included the Wikipedia link just to prove I wasn’t making this up.

What’s your drink of choice?


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