Sometimes when I write fiction, it’s totally random

Usually, when I write fiction, there’s a clear point to it. I have in my head an idea how it will progress. Other times, it’s completely random.

This latest piece I wrote, Siren’s Lament, was more random. I had initially planned to have the Siren lament all the deaths she’s caused. However, this dragon character started to develop and instead, I made him the focus. Since I liked his character more, I started to write from his viewpoint and ended up almost completely abandoning the Siren. That’s despite Siren being in the title.

So sometimes, I’m completely random. I like how it turned out though. And since I liked it like that, I’m keeping it like that.

Give it a read

If you haven’t read my latest fiction piece and you like Sci-Fi/Fantasy, give my latest Opium Tales – Siren’s Lament a read.


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