I’m writing fiction again

Well folks, I’m doing something completely different. I’m writing fiction again. It’s been years since I’ve written fiction.

I haven’t written anything fiction since I wrote a novel back in 2005. It was a cheesy vampire novel, something very different from what I write nowadays. I’ll get that book and the other one published posthumously. Neither books were my best efforts. You have to start somewhere though.

These pieces however will be pretty good. I put a lot into these.

So I started a new blog, separate from this one. You can read my short stories on Opium Tales. I’ve always loved that name and owned that domain for years. I finally got around to doing something with it.

Something deeply personal

Despite having a Fiction category here, I won’t have my fiction over here at all. It will all be at the other site. The first piece I’ll be doing is called Siren’s Song and it’s based off an idea I’ve been floating around since 2012.

This part gets deeply personal.

I started Astral Eyes in early 2009 when Sin Virtues broke up. It worked for the best though as I had my own band this time around. I got to be the main driver and main composer.

It started off Psychedelic Metal. In 2010, we turned into a Progressive Metal band and slowly started sounding quite unoriginal. You know the stereotype – long songs with lots of musician wanking, not much effort spent on the vocal lines.

The drummer got bored with it and left and ended up in Rings of Saturn. We stayed friends though and he gave me some pretty harsh constructive criticism. He said that we needed to sound different and hinted we didn’t. At all.

Siren’s Song and other short stories

May 2012, I get laid off from a pretty high position in a startup company. To be honest, I was relieved. Every day, I overused my brain to the point I was brain dead every night and only had weekends, when we had weekends, for Astral Eyes.

I saw the layoff coming from miles away. I prepared for it early, keeping tons of cash. So instead of looking for work, I decided to take the entire Summer off and learn orchestration. I spent the entire Summer of 2012 either in the library studying or actually doing the orchestration exercises.

Ironically, I learned orchestration by accident. My wife brought home a DVD called Eroica by BBC and it detailed Beethoven’s 3rd, which was the birth of Romanticism.

I almost didn’t see it. I was so busy doing other stuff that the DVD came due and I asked my wife to renew it. Then one day, I finally put it in and it hit me – that’s your “you need to do something different” right there. That’s when I got into orchestration.

I wrote my first orchestral suite, Siren’s Song Suite over the Summer. Unfortunately, I got the worst news of my life. My mother had cancer.

I flew to Texas immediately and decided to dedicate the entire suite to her. I got the entire thing composed over the Summer. However, we still had to record it and she died before it got recorded. She never heard the Suite.

So now I have these pieces and the story that comes with it

I re-orchestrated Siren’s Song itself and it will be on next year’s album. The other pieces, I’ll still have to re-orchestrate as they were beginning efforts. By my standards of today, they’re quite mediocre. I could do much better and my mother’s memory deserves much better.

I’ll re-release them with a full orchestra when we’re ready. I do have the short story in my head that comes with it. That short story is going on Opium Tales pieces by piece. You could read the very first snippet of it here.

I’m going to also do some photography for the story as well, and release a bunch of short stories in eBook form in 2019. These will be really good.

So if you like fiction, check out my fiction site Opium Tales. So far, there’s only my introduction and the very first snippet there. I’ll aim to write one post a week there. I’ll still write daily here.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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