discipline leads to success

Discipline leads to success

Let’s talk about how discipline leads to success. It’s now a Sunday morning. It’s 8:14AM. I’ve already done the dishes, drank two cups of coffee, and practiced guitar. I’m now about to go on a run despite it being damp and chilly outside. I’ll simply wear something to cover my

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Put your phone away when on a date

When you’re on a date with someone, put your phone away. For one, it’s disrespectful. And for another, focus on the now. That’s one thing that modern people don’t get – they don’t know how to live in the moment. Technology is great. And it’s terrible. Technology has made me

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Some people I look up to

I wanted to write about some people I look up to, because my previous article on getting insulted by losers or batshit crazy people was a negative article. Yes, I needed to write that because people need to know to let that shit go. But I now want to write

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