Why a 24 hour fast is good for you

Why is a 24 hour fast good for you? I’ll explain. Most of my life, I’ve suffered from hypoglycemia. Basically, the food pyramid is a lie. It’s designed by food companies to get you to purchase their shitty food that your body doesn’t even like. Since I’ve changed my diet,

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romantic metal in defense of alcohol

In defense of alcohol

So, I drink. No, I’m not writing this article in defense of alcohol to justify my drinking. It’s because I strongly believe that alcohol is in fact good for you. Of course, assuming you drink in moderation. Let’s talk about a few facts here. In defense of alcohol – longevity

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stay slim past 40

How to stay slim past 40

So, you’re slim already and you want to stay slim past 40? I’ll tell you how I did it. Now of course, there’s always more than one way to do anything. You need to figure out you. However, I already know this works for me. And since we’re both human,

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