Astral Eyes Creature of the Night

Creature and Succubus

Creature of the Night video Looking back, I really enjoyed making this video. We hired Nick Testa to direct it and Skitz did the editing. We enjoyed working with Alice so much that we hired her back, and this is our first time working with Nitda Cee, who was great.

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Astral Eyes The Last Romantic

The Last Romantic

So, we released The Last Romantic yesterday. It’s the first song in a new era of my band. Skitz left back in July so I’ve been composing, orchestrating, and recording entirely on my own. Which is great for me. I actually like working alone now. I write all the music

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Astral Eyes artwork for The Last Romantic

Artwork for The Last Romantic

Yesterday morning, I received the artwork for The Last Romantic from Nakarin Sukontakorn, an artist from Thailand. Last month, I got the strings from Russia. I’m still waiting on the woodwinds from Atlanta, Georgia and also the vocals. Randy played the drums. I played all the guitars. Nick Bellabuscci played

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Mariana with an Astral Eyes t-shirt

Compose, Practice, Promote

I have a three-word saying I continually say to myself to keep me going – compose, practice, promote. With the internet, things don’t get picked up right away. It takes time to build a site. Most folks don’t have neither the patience nor the resolve to pull off a successful

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