Romantic Metal talks about Romanticism and Nationalism

Romanticism and Nationalism

I’ve talked many times about Romanticism, because we are a Romantic Metal band. I take that moniker very seriously. Romantic Metal. That’s a cross between Romanticism and Metal music. A lot of folks talk out of their asses when it comes to life. I don’t. If I don’t know what

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Astral Eyes Darvulia single

Mask symbology in the Darvulia video

I love masks. I’ve always loved masks, and I’ll always love masks. Have you ever been to a masquerade? I’ve always wanted to. Never have though. However, we’ll check out hitting one when we go to Milan next year. I used masks very heavily in the Darvulia video. I had

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How important is an artist’s image?

How times have changed. I fondly remember the 80s when Americans were a happier lot. Bands took their image very seriously. Even Andre Agassi, a high-ranked tennis player, did an ad in 1989 with Canon called “image is everything.” Prince had an image. Madonna had an image. Cyndi Lauper had

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Learn from everybody

I love Alexander J.A. Cortes. He’s a brutally honest guy. I learned about him from our Twitter account since I follow a lot of workout people. He’s quite possibly the best, because for one, he knows his shit, and for another, he’s insanely driven. Also, he’s a pretty good writer.

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