The Stargazer single and something personal

We released the lyrics video a few days ago. But I want to tell a personal story. So you get a little background on my guitar playing.

It was 1994. This goes to show how old I am. However, I strongly believe in telling the truth about your age, not lying about your age. Too many folks lie about their age and I strongly believe it’s bad for the culture.

Anyways, back to 1994, I was lead guitar in what I thought was my very last band. I was already 24, and I thought if I wasn’t going to make it now, I’d never make it. I seriously felt old.

We played local clubs to our friends and girlfriends and the other bands’ friends and girlfriends. Metal was pretty much dead in America.

I’d play these crazy ass arpeggiations and wicked leads and nobody would care. They’ve seen it all before in the late 80s.

We got frustrated, and we took out our frustrations on each other. Our very last show, we got in a shouting match on stage, in front of only a few people.

That was it. We called it quits and disbanded.

I sold my gear and gave away my favorite guitar – a Japanese Ibanez RG, flaming fast, with Seymour Duncan pickups and a Floyd Rose tremolo. Worth something today.

You never lose skill sets

That’s one of the beauties of life. 2007, by Fate, I realized I am a musician and I will always be a musician. I started buying gear again since I had almost nothing. And even though I haven’t been playing since 1994, I had no problem picking it up again.

Once you develop a skill set, you have it. It just needs polishing.

I was too young to play in the 80s Metal scene although I loved 80s Metal more than anything. So I missed it, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t bring it back.

Stargazer is an homage to the 80s. It’s a straight up 80s style guitar riff and the lyrics are an homage to the early 80s crappy Fantasy films that are now cult classics.

I play rhythm guitar on this song as my wife has said that all that flashy stuff is boring and repetitive. Sometimes, it’s good to play rhythm and get out of the other person’s way. I think Skitz did a fantastic job with this lead. It wasn’t flashy, but it totally fit the song and it sings like an alternate voice contrasting with the lead vocals.

I also sing harmony vocals on this song. I never had the voice for lead vocals. However, I love singing harmonies. They’re such a blast to do. If you can sing karaoke, you can sing harmony. And I love karaoke.

Sometimes you have to re-evaluate

Sometimes, you have to re-evaluate your life. In 1994, I shouldn’t have quit. Instead, I should have evolved. I had been a fan of Romanticism since high school and already knew Romantic symphonies and concertos better than most Classical critics. Which is really saying a lot since those are some pretty smart people we’re talking about.

Imagine, I could have been a primary name in starting Symphonic Metal. Instead, I missed the boat by almost twenty years and didn’t figure out my destiny until 2012.

I don’t know why it took so long for me to figure out who I was and what I had to do. It just happened that way.

I sincerely hope that I can inspire at least some of my readers to think deeply about who they really are. And to question their direction if they’re headed in the wrong direction. My quality of life article is one of my most serious articles I’ve ever written. It’s meant to be taken seriously, where you evaluate those four things and ask yourself if you’re headed in the right direction in all four of those places in your life.

I am now. Took me long enough, but I am now. Luckily, I started taking wealth seriously in my late 20s. I ended up with the right woman by absolute luck. I’ve always taken my health seriously. But fulfillment, that wasn’t until 2007. Took me 37 years to figure that one out.

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