Princess for the Night

Busy busy. That’s been my life lately, but that’s a good thing. I’d much rather be swamped than bored.

That’s intentional. I want to get a lot accomplished, especially since we got deadlines coming up.

So if you’re wondering, Astral Eyes is still going strong. We’ve just delayed everything a year. Instead of the album coming out late this year, it will come out late next year or possibly early 2020. We’d much rather it be good than on time.

Here’s our latest single. Yeah, the album won’t be out for quite awhile. But we’re releasing parts of it at a time.

It’s very different from anything we’ve ever done. I wrote this song for a female friend of mine. She modeled nude for me and I wrote it sort of as a thank you. No, not Allie. Another girl, a sexy brunette.

She’s been in a few music videos before. Nothing that went really big though. I think even our videos had more views, likes, and shares, and we’re not exactly doing that well. (Hopefully that will change soon).

She’s one hell of a dancer too. Very sexy. So I wanted to write her a true dance song. Very much outside my area of expertise, but I love going outside my comfort zone. Plus to be quite honest, we had so much fun making this song that I think you can hear it in the song.

No, we’re not making a music video for this song any time soon. I think I’ve said it before on this blog that music videos weren’t getting a good ROI. They were actually a money sink. Yes, they were fun to make, but I’m here to make music and money. The videos were just ads. I’ve never seen music videos as art (I probably offended some people by saying that, but so be it).

Princess for the Night

Well, here it is. I made a racy preview from some images I took and the dancers I filmed. I kept it almost subliminal because it kind of looks sexier that way, even though these dancers are quite hot in real life.

The video still is a bit NSFW so keep that in mind in case you’re reading this at work.

If you like the music, please buy it and play it loud!

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Astral Eyes Princess for the Night

Astral Eyes – Princess for the Night

I thought Arden sounded really good here. I told her that she sounds just like Olivia Newton-John. Yes, I loved Olivia back in the day.

Anyways, support the band. These strings are real, the musicians are real, and even the sound engineers cost a lot of money. We don’t produce this stuff ourselves. We pay other people to do the sound engineering, mixing, and mastering.

Princess for the Night on Google Play

Princess for the Night on Amazon

And if you’re wondering, all these links pay us about the same so pick your favorite store. I really don’t care.

Princess for the Night on iTunes


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