Make Me a New Heart

In the Summer of 2012, I had the epic breakthrough where I realized we as a band need to do something completely different. So I started Romantic Metal, based off Romanticism and Metal.

Sadly, I found out my mother had cancer that summer. So I hurried to get my first symphonic suite composed as fast as possible and dedicate it to her.

I wasn’t fast enough. She died in early 2013. She never heard it.

I started drinking heavily. I was averaging two to three Manhattans a day. That’s a lot of alcohol (two shots bourbon + vermouth).

You’ll hear grief counselors say there’s not a wrong way to grieve because we’re all different. I call bullshit. Drinking this much is the wrong way to grieve because it was quickly killing me.

So one day, I came to my senses, cut my drinking way down, and started lifting weights. It happened all at once.

Make Me a New Heart

I had this title floating around for awhile. Finally today, I wrote a waltz that’s fitting of the title. My wife says it sounds horror movie creepy like one of those possessed dolls playing with a music box that opens a gate to Hell.

However, I didn’t intend that. I intended it to be sad.

Thus is music though – open for interpretation. I’m fine with that. If that’s what you see, more power to you.

I started this new series called Astral Fantasies on our YouTube channel. The first one was an Arabian dance that Mariana danced to.

This one of course is the waltz. I composed Make Me a New Heart for celesta, glockenspiel, timpani, orchestral cymbals, and strings. On our albums, we use real orchestral instruments but on these demos, we’re only using samples. It still sounds pretty cool though.

We will orchestrate the most popular ones in the series. I want to see how folks react to these songs though before spending the big money on orchestral musicians.

Let me know what you think. This is half-Romantic, half-modern sounding. Because of Harry Potter, a lot of modern composers have been incorporating the celesta. Which not to toot my own horn (actually, yes, I’m tooting my own horn), I’ve been into the celesta before them as you know Tchaikovsky is my all-time favorite composer.

Music only, no video:


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