Astral Eyes – Lizzie’s Opium Waltz

Astral Eyes Lizzie's Opium Waltz

Today, Astral Eyes released Lizzie’s Opium Waltz, a waltz I wrote last year and dedicated to my friend Joe. Joe said that I should go a more Classical route, which I agree with. I’d love to get more into Classical composition.

But the thing is, I usually just write. Whatever comes to my mind, I write. There’s really no order to it. I don’t plan like “I need to write four heavy songs, a waltz, and a ballad.” It just happens.

So later on this year, we’ll be releasing an EP that’s almost entirely Classical. But not entirely. Although high art? Yes.

The inspiration for Lizzie’s Opium Waltz

I based the waltz off of Elizabeth Siddal, the red-headed model/muse for several of the Pre-Raphaelite painters. I love their style of art.

Some would argue that they’re a subset of Romanticism and some argue they weren’t. Whatever. I like what I like, so I compose accordingly.

Lizzie Siddal was also an opium addict and her addiction eventually led to her premature death at the young age of 32. Thus, I have a few musical odes to opium in the music. If you get them, well, you’ve probably done hallucinogenic drugs before. Or, you simply have a vivid imagination.

Musically, it’s a straight up Romantic era waltz. The people who I’ve played it for so far have all said it’s gorgeous.

Listen and support

Here’s a link to the YouTube video:

If you like the music, please buy it and support us. These are real orchestral musicians and they cost us a lot of money. They get paid when they record their parts. We don’t. We only get paid when someone buys our music.

About the artwork

I did the artwork so blame me for its weirdness. I myself am a mediocre artist. That’s why I pay other people to do most of the art covers.

However, I fancy myself as a pretty decent graphic designer. I drew a dear female friend of mine smoking, then did some effects in The Gimp to make it look weird.

That said, I’m taking my art seriously. I’ve hired a live model for 2018 and I work with her at least once a week. She’s gorgeous, but also hell of cool and one of my best friends on the planet and very supportive of my work.

Hopefully with all this forced drawing (and eventually painting), I’ll have something worthy to display to you by the end of the decade. Like I’ve always said, persistence is the key to success at anything. I may suck now as an artist, but I can guarantee you my paintings will be worth something within ten years from now.


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