Creature and Succubus

Astral Eyes Creature of the Night

Creature of the Night video

Looking back, I really enjoyed making this video. We hired Nick Testa to direct it and Skitz did the editing.

We enjoyed working with Alice so much that we hired her back, and this is our first time working with Nitda Cee, who was great.

I really want to work with Dash again, who is drop-dead gorgeous in real life. However, she got signed by a pretty good modeling agency and moved back to France. I have a pretty good feeling that I will work with her again.

Dash is quite intelligent. She practices martial arts and was contracting in Silicon Valley as a Software Engineer when we worked with her. Beauty & brains!

Everything went wrong. We had two models flake last second, so we had to find two girls to replace them within a few days of the shoot.

Then of course it rained on us. We had a 3rd location planned so instead, we improvised a lot.

It turned out really good regardless though. And of course it doesn’t hurt that we had five good-looking women to work with.

Musically, I wrote this piece back in 2007 for my previous band Sin Virtues but it never got recorded. The lyrics are a tongue-in-cheek homage to the 80s. Sex, drugs, and human sacrifice. So 80s!

Skitz and I exchange solos throughout the song. I hated 90s Metal with a passion. No guitar solos? That’s not Metal.

Succubus video

A piece I wrote several years ago with a more Arabic flavor (a lot of Phrygian with a sharped 4th and sharped 7th for you music nerds). Musically, it’s pretty interesting. It gets a little bit chaotic and even touches on harmonic dissonance towards the end.

Lyrically, anyone who’s played any Fantasy game knows what a Succubus is.

Skitz takes the lead guitar duties on this one and I like how his guitar playing is so different from mine. I plug in straight into the tube amp and he’s more into effects, and has a completely different tone than my playing. Also, we’re very stylistically different.

Jin and Kristy were both blasts to work with. If you’ve been following my career, you’ll know that we worked with them again for the Darvulia video.

Video NSFW. Shot outside of Vegas. Jin does a topless scene and my two cents – female toplessness shouldn’t be censored. That’s sexism. If men can take their tops off in a G-rated video, women should be able to as well. Topless rights!!!


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