What is your artistic purpose?

So, what is your artistic purpose? Why are you an artist?

Every artist should ask themselves this. What is your artistic purpose? We should ask ourselves this because it gives deeper meaning to your work.

Your answer could be anything, but it should be something. You should have a reason why.

It could be a lifelong goal. You could be doing it for the money or the chicks. Or you could be doing it as long as your muse inspires you.

What is Roman’s artistic purpose?

Hi, my name is Roman, and I’m an artist. I am an artist because it gives my life meaning. I’ve been successful as a husband, a father, and an investor. But I want two more things out of life.

The first of course is traveling. That’s something I got from my wife. She wants to put down as many footprints as possible before we die. Which is great!

writing about artistic purpose

Ancient Greek ruins

These are ancient Greek ruins that we saw on vacation last week. Yeah, I’m stealing one of my wife’s life purposes since I think it’s downright brilliant. We have the money to do it. We might as well do it.

But that’s life. Let’s talk about art.

Why am I an artist? Because I want to be one. It’s as simple as that.

I do art for art’s sake. And as an artist, I’m heavily into beauty. My music is beautiful. So my artwork needs to be as well.

Currently, I have a beautiful young lady I work with who poses for my drawings. The best of my drawings become watercolor paintings.

She’s also one of my bestest buds on the planet as well as my secondary muse. My first muse of course is my wife.

Both women push me to become a better artist. I don’t need motivation since if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you already know I think motivation is complete bullshit. If you need motivation, you’re not doing something you love.

Musical purpose

My musical purpose is exactly the same as my artistic purpose. I write music that’s beautiful because I love beauty and want to create more of it.

Exactly the same thing. Just two different mediums.

Like my art, I’m inspired by beauty in life. I base my lyrics either off mythology or off real life events. I’ve had enough bad relationships to write about them indefinitely. I don’t really write about good relationships because they’re boring. The crash and burn ones are so much more interesting.

Anyways, if you too are an artist, whatever medium it is, I want to know your artistic purpose. Do you have one? And if so, what is it? Why are you doing this to yourself?


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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