There’s something freeing in being hated

When someone hates you, you can respond to it in one of three ways. You can ignore it. You can give in to their hatred and conform to their demands. Or, you can take pride in yourself and let their hatred fuel you.

Most people are weak. Most people don’t have the guts to stand up for themselves, so they give in to the demands of their haters.

Not me. Being hated only serves to encourage me even more.

You’re probably wondering why I feel like that. And since you’re wondering, I’ll answer.

I’ve always had an artistic mind

Even when my primary passion was football, I had the most fun when the play I designed worked. I loved to see my art come to life.

The same goes for now as a composer. I love to see my art come to life. I stay through the entire stage from creation to recording to mixing to mastering.

Romantic Metal on being hated

Now with art comes opposition because nobody is without critics. Which is a great thing. I openly invite criticism. The absolute worst thing for an artist is obscurity.

Because of this mentality, I’ve had my share of haters. I could have given in to the haters and conformed to their standards of art. Then, what would happen? I’d alienate another set of critics who would say “no, you should have done it like this.” Then, I’d do it like the second set of critics told me to do it and a third set of critics would come along and say “no, you should have done it like this.”

You see where this is going? I would have not only saved time by doing it my way to begin with, I’d also have my integrity intact.

Being hated – this applies both to art and to life

So this applies to both art and to life. You’re going to have your haters if you rock the boat. If you’re fine being mediocre, people will love you. But, you’ll have no soul and I personally won’t respect you.

Choose wisely.

Roman of Astral Eyes does not mind being hated

Hate on me all you want. I’ll not only not change to please you, I’ll just continue to get better


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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