Roxy is really warming up to me

Roxy is really warming up to me

Roxy is really warming up to me. Roxy and I have been pretty close for over a year now. But she used to be shy only a month ago. The first time she posed nude for me, she seemed a little nervous.

This time around though, Roxy is really coming into her own as a model.

As you know, I’m now working with two live models. Allie is still my main model. Roxy though models for me occasionally.

Warming up to me is no easy task. I know I can come across as aloof. My self-esteem is too strong for most people. I have a lot of presence. I get it.

Roxy on the other hand is the opposite. She’s not always sure of herself. I have to reassure her constantly.

Allie is more like me. She’s supremely confident and she lights up the room. She has a strong presence. She’s even admitted to me that she knows just how good-looking she is. Which for a woman is quite dangerous, as us men fully know.

I love having close female friends. Now, the word “friend” is grossly overused. Most people use the word friend when they really mean acquaintance.

A friend means a ten plus year relationship. Plus, it means serious emotional intimacy.

Some men are more emotionally intimate than others. It’s funny because I’m technically an extrovert. Yet, I break the stereotype. Most extroverts are insecure. I’m very sincere.

Introverts are more sincere

Introverts do take longer to get to know. You have to be patient with them. They tend to be more careful with who they let in.

Ironically, most of my emotionally intimate friends are introverts. When I really want to open up with someone, I gravitate towards introverts. That stereotype about sincerity is too true. Extroverts are often bad at real emotional intimacy. We often stay at surface level.

That’s the big difference between my friends and acquaintances. If I don’t confide my inner most demons to you, you’re an acquaintance, not a friend. By society’s definition, sure, a friend. But I don’t follow society’s rules. After all, I’m an artist.

Speaking of art

Let’s get back to Roxy. I was surprised she approached me about modeling. I didn’t see this one coming.

The first time almost felt awkward. Not for me of course. I’m always ready to see a good-looking woman completely naked.

But it was just the two of us with me carrying a pencil with one of those erasers you have on the end, and a bunch of copy paper. Yes, that’s what I use to draw on – cheap copy paper.

Why? Because it rules for drawing. Some people prefer sketch pads. I don’t. I only like the Strathmore Vision Sketch, which is 5.5″x8.5″. The perfect size for carrying around and drawing.

I’ve almost filled one up with sketches of Allie. It’s weird. I’ve been drawing Allie since February. Roxy though only since last month.


I swear by Daniel Smith watercolors. I think they’re big and bold. Of the brands, I prefer them since they stand out. I don’t use them exclusively though. My burnt sienna is Windsor and Newton.

I buy all my paints from Blick. It’s the only art store I truly love because all the people there are real, genuine artists. You could actually have a conversation about technique with them, so you can actually trust them with suggestions.

That, my friends, is how to run a brick and mortar business.

I intentionally do not own that many colors. That forces me to blend unique colors.

For Roxy, I made the brown by mixing Hooker’s Green and Perylene Red (both Daniel Smith). For her skin color, I mix Winsor and Newton’s Burnt Sienna with Daniel Smith’s Titanium White. I’ll add more burnt sienna for shading, and use both titanium white and Daniel Smith’s Hansa Yellow Medium for highlights. Not together of course.

I do seven layers of paint for her skin, and usually two layers for her hair.

Her nails, lips, and nipples are red. I use a lot more water though for her nipples so the red looks more like pink. Plus, her nipples get painted last. They’ve already been painted flesh color.

If you look closely at women’s nipples, they’re not purely one color. Yes, white women have a pinkish over tinge to them, but they also have all the flesh colors in there too.

Skin colors aren’t easy to get. I know some people who even add blues and purples. I don’t though since I like to keep things more simple. My main colors for skin color is a kind of pinkish orange.

Anyways, here’s my latest of Roxy. I may not see her for another week or two, but I’ll be working with Allie soon.

Late August 2018 watercolor of Roxy by Roman

Late August 2018 watercolor of Roxy by Roman


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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