Redheaded Mermaid

redheaded mermaid watercolor

It’s funny, last second I changed Allie’s hair to red. Yes, she’s a blonde in real life, but given my favorite mermaid painting of all time had red hair, I decided to change Allie’s hair to red.

So here’s my redheaded mermaid. I think she’s cute. She’s neither smiling nor in a pissy mood. Rather, she’s relaxed and simply looking at something.

I’m a huge Waterhouse fan

John William Waterhouse, the last great Pre-Raphaelite artist. This is his mermaid, painted in 1901.

In mythology, mermaids and sirens are either interchangeable or different species. Or somehow related.

John William Waterhouse - A Mermaid 1901

Waterhouse, John William; A Mermaid; Royal Academy of Arts;

Waterhouse in fact was the guy who got me into the Pre-Raphaelites. I fell in love with his work ages ago, back when I played Dungeons and Dragons.

I first saw his posters in the mall. Had no idea who he was. But later, after discovering Wikipedia, I started to look up all that art I loved.

Waterhouse brought me into the Pre-Raphaelites, who I realized heavily influenced Gary Gygax. Possibly indirectly as the Pre-Raphaelites definitely influenced Tolkien who influenced Gygax.

I may piss off some fellow geeks here. I didn’t enjoy reading Tolkien. He’s too much of a linguist.

I’d much rather see the movies. Tolkien created fantastic stories but his actual writing is too wordy. He’s like the equivalent of a jazz musician. Yeah, I get it. You’re a great musician. But I buy music for the melody.

Red hair and green eyes

My wife is tall, has red hair, and green eyes. Genetically very Irish although her family has been here since the 1600s. Pretty much everything got into that tree since then.

However, she still looks quite Irish. I decided to paint Allie as a redheaded mermaid with red hair and green eyes rather than the usual sea blue eyes that everyone else paints mermaids with.

Anyways, I’m giving several of these paintings to Allie. I’ll definitely make prints and stickers with this one. I loved how it came out. She may ask for this one though. That means putting it onto a wood block.

I’m also going to start selling originals soon. I’ll buy a course on how to use Pinterest. I have no idea how to use it and the course supposed to teach me how to generate traffic with it.

Of the social media platforms, it’s supposed to be the best for selling artwork. I hate Facebook with a passion (although I own Facebook stock – look at the numbers and tell me with a straight face it’s not a good investment). So no, no Facebook page. Besides, all my paintings are nudes and Facebook doesn’t like that.


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