On candles and mermaids

August 2018 mermaid

I’ve always been heavily into mermaids. I wrote my short story Siren’s Song about a siren killing a ship on the way to America.

Several months later, we finally published the song Siren’s Song that I wrote back in 2012. I dedicated that song to my mother, but she didn’t live long enough to hear it recorded. So, I decided to rewrite it with orchestration and finally released it earlier this year.

What do sirens have to do with mermaids? Well, pretty much everything. The mermaid legend is actually an offshoot of the siren legend. More on that another day.

I worked on a film script years ago about a siren who feeds her mermaid sisters by crashing ships into the rocks. The mermaids eat the dead and seduce, then kill the survivors. They’re horrible creatures indeed, face changing where they’re beautiful but just before they kill, you see their true forms.

She Creature

My favorite guilty pleasure horror movie is called She Creature, starring Carla Gugino and featuring a cursed mermaid who eats human flesh. She’s also a Pagan fertility goddess. You don’t find that out until near the end of the movie.

Anyways, damn good movie. Well, I shouldn’t say that. It’s not a good movie. It’s a guilty pleasure.

She Creature

She Creature (2001)

She Creature is an homage to those 1950s horror movies. You know, the ones that relied more on true scare tactics than gore?

Painting mermaids

So I’m finally getting around to doing what I was supposed to do a long time ago. I learned the hard way though that Strathmore 400 is not good paper. I do love the way it washes. However, it tears easily when using masking tape.

That really bummed me out as I put a lot of heart into my first (technically second, but first one that’s actually decent) mermaid painting.

Allie looked cute as always. She lied down on the couch topless while I drew. Later, I added the hips.

Her reflection didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked it to. Initially, I painted her reflection under the wash. Then I did a blue wash over the reflection.

Well, that didn’t work at all. The blue wash completely covered her reflection as if it wasn’t even there. Lesson learned.

After that, I simply re-painted a reflection over the blue wash. When it all dried, the reflection almost disappeared into the wash. Second lesson learned.

I’m definitely going to do this one over. I still loved it though. The moon and the sky turned out exactly how I wanted them.

I love Daniel Smith watercolors

Also, I’m really starting to realize why people love Daniel Smith watercolor paints. Everything you see is Daniel Smith except the moon and the stars, which are cheap gouache, and for her skin tones and her eyebrows, I used Windsor and Newton’s burnt sienna.

The sky is simply one single blue as is the water. I get it to change different hues by simply adding more or less water, depending on the wash. As for the dark color, that is moonglow, one of my favorite DS colors. Once again, I get it to look lighter or darker simply by using more or less (respectively) water.

I love watercolors because water has a mind of its own. You guide it. But it still does its own thing. Which is great. I love the built in chaos of watercolors.

Will I ever switch over to oils?

I’ll eventually fool around with oils. For now though, I’m having such a good time with watercolors that I don’t think I’ll transition over anytime soon. I’ll always have a fondness for watercolors though, even if I start to fall in love with oils as well.

I’m getting better at painting Allie with every single painting. Allie still remains my main model, despite recently picking up a second model. Allie’s very hard-working and reliable.

If you should know anything about me, you should know that I value loyalty and reliability. I cannot love those two traits in others enough. That’s why Allie quickly became one of my besties.

First the inking, then paint

Well actually, first I sketch. Then go over it with ink. For now, I’m using Sakura’s Pigma FB pens. I love those things as they have their own character to them.

First of my mermaids, the inking

First of my mermaids, the inking

Notice that she’s incomplete. That’s intentional as I kept everything else open. I planned to do as much watercolor as possible. Thus the washes, wish utilize the best parts of watercolor paintings.

Washes have a character of their own. You guide them. But they do what they want to do.

I’m not that great at washes yet, but every time I paint, I intend to get better at one aspect.

Still a student

I’ve been drawing seriously since February of this year and painting since April. That means I’m still in my fifth month of painting. I’m still a beginner, but I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve made.

Most people quit too soon, and that goes for anything. I’ve seen it in everything from life, musical instruments, and of course art.

Yeah, I’m guilty too. I couldn’t draw worth shit and was actually ashamed of my drawing abilities. Then it’s funny. I decided to actually commit and now I’m where I’m at. My drawing literally looked like a kid drew them only five years ago.

Anyways, here’s the completed piece. Once again, for serious works, I strongly urge you to use better papers like Arches 140 lb 100% pure cotton paper.

This one ripped in the corner. I don’t show it in the picture though.

August 2018 mermaid

First of many mermaids

What about candles?

That’s coming up. Both Allie and Roxy have gorgeous breasts. So I’ll use them accordingly. I love boobs. I’m not really a boobs guy though. But not an ass man either.

I like the whole figure. The parts have to match the whole. Too little or too big don’t work. Somewhere in between works best.

Anyways, enough of that. My next painting is of a topless Allie holding a candle in the dark. It should be pretty cute. I loved the pose she did.

She poses and I sketch. Then I copy the sketch onto watercolor paper. Of course next, I ink, then paint.

It’s a simple, fun process.

Allie’s one of the most naturally pretty women I’ve ever known. Most girls aren’t pretty. It’s probably around 5%. Just like around 5% of men are both tall and handsome.

Yet another reason to work on your body. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a good body alone will immediately put you in the upper 20%, possibly the upper 10%.

The candle painting will really be an exercise in lighting and shading for me, something I’m far from mastering. As for mermaids, I’ll be doing a lot more of them in the near future. Next time, I’ll really focus on that reflection. I think I could do a lot better.


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