Of dreams, alarm clocks, and walls

Roxy looks back

The all too familiar sound of the 6AM alarm goes off and I wake up, only to find out it is not yet 6AM. My dream reproduced the alarm’s sound so perfectly that I thought it was real.

I went back to sleep tired. And woke up tired, wanting more than anything just to go back to sleep. But no. I had to get up. I had to start the next painting of Roxy.

The last one turned out so good. I tried a minimalistic background – a little bit of water as if she stood in a pond or a lake.

I loved the concept and will definitely do it again. Roxy has a sexiness to her. But you have to get past her wall.

All women have walls

All women have walls. Well, I should really say all women with common sense have walls. There are a lot of really bad men out there. To be able to tell the difference between a well-meaning man and a charming sociopath can take a lifetime to learn.

Roxy’s wall stands higher than most. I’ve known her for awhile now and still have barely penetrated it.

She reminds me in some ways of that girl I wrote so many songs about. All musicians have that girl. Or else, they’ll never be good musicians.

It’s two hours later and I’m still yawning. I decided to take a break and write a blog post. I should really put on some Brahms.

Only two poses

Of all the hours last weekend I spent with Roxy, I only got two poses out of her. But, they were two of my favorite poses I’ve ever drawn.

all women have walls around them

Watercolor from a sketch from last weekend’s session with Roxy

We talked and talked and talked. Yet, like always, I opened up more. I have to be patient with this one. I know deep down inside she fears me turning out like her ex.

He was a bad man. Charming as hell. But turned out bad. He definitely thickened her wall.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. My models have to follow three criteria. One – they have to be beautiful. Two – they have to pose full nude. Three – we have to be friends. If there’s no chemistry, I cannot create art with you.

After all, I am a Romantic. I take that word quite seriously.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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