My drawing lessons are paying off

Earlier this decade, my drawings looked like a nine-year-old drew them. They were so bad for an adult. I thought that I lacked the talent to draw.

Then several years back, I decided to just say “fuck it” and started doing drawing exercises. If there’s any one character trait that defines me more than anything else, it’s persistence.

Once I’m determined to get good at something, nothing will stop me. Even people telling me that I suck and have no talent.

Well a few months back, a very close friend of mine told me that she had financial problems. She got sick and had a fat hospital bill to pay off.

The thing is, she’s gorgeous. And I’ve seen her naked before so she’s comfortable being nude in front of me.

I offered her a deal – I’d pay her to live model for me. We’ll make it work for both of us.

Two months later, my drawings have gone from pretty fucking horrible to something I can finally show people. Two months folks. But keep in mind, I take determination to a whole different level. Most folks can’t keep up with me. And when I say most folks, I really mean 99.99% of people on the planet.

Two months later

I started to work with multiple teachers, taking spot lessons. I took a lesson for eyes, a lesson for hair, and one for backgrounds so far. But most of my money has been spent on my live model.

To be honest, I needed both. I needed lessons and there’s nothing like having a live model to work with. Especially when she’s young and gorgeous.

Roman's drawings

The first piece that I could actually show you – after two months of lessons + live model

Develop your own style

I have one goal – beauty. That’s it.

When I write music, I write music that is beautiful. Even my Metal music is beautiful.

My art especially is intended to be beautiful. That means of course having a beautiful model.

In the future, I’ll spend more time on the backgrounds. But for now, the model is everything.

Since I also take pride in my writing, I attach a piece of prose to everything. That’s how you know it’s me. You see my signature but you’ll also see a piece of prose.

Yes, that describes her. If there’s one thing that I find about her personality that really is memorable, it’s that she’s got the memory of an elephant. She remembers minute details from conversations a long time ago. I can’t believe anyone has this ability. I find it amazing that she remembers everything.

Anyways, I’m drawing daily now so I’m just going to get better and better. This is the first piece that I’m truly proud of.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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