Month four of art lessons – developing a process

Roman's finished piece

I’m way ahead of schedule. I had no idea I’d be decent in only four months.

Several years ago, my drawings looked like a ten-year-old did them. So a few years back, I started doing drawing exercises.

Only this February, I started taking things very seriously. I scoured YouTube for every art tip I can find and more importantly, I hired a live model. Instead of grabbing one, I asked a friend of mine to pose for me once or twice a week, depending on our schedules.


So I know two things – sketching and watercoloring. I sketch with both regular pencils and colored pencils.

Roman's initial sketch of Allie

I usually draw first with regular pencils, then add colored pencils for additional details. This time around, I didn’t use any colored pencils. I also didn’t do a background at all. I simply used gold for the background, to give it an almost Gustav Klimt feel to it.

Then after everything’s nice and sketched, I go over it with pencil pretty hard for the final lines and erase the sketching lines.

I like the gold because I actually like Gustav Klimt

I already feel like these pieces are decent. I had no idea I’d get this far in only four months. But that’s the thing. I have an insane work ethic. When I get into something, I go all in. I don’t do anything half ass.

That’s why I’m good at a lot of things.

I’m not in any way genetically better than anyone else. Nor do I have artistic talent. It’s about being obsessed. I use every spare minute I got to improve my artistic skills.

This is in addition to practicing guitar and piano and studying orchestration like a madman.

Anyways, I think Allie turned out pretty good. I added some watercolor splashes at the every end since the gold background looked too monotonous. I wanted to vary it up a bit.

Roman of Astral Eyes - the Golden Girl


I still have to add two more layers of wax. As you can see, I tape the top and the bottom. Sometimes, I tape all four sides. I wanted to go to the left and right edges with this one though.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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