Not a fan of Modernism in Art

I’m generally not a fan of Modernism in Art. I not only think most of the Modernist Artists are pretentious douchebags; the art itself just isn’t that good.

Earlier, I discussed L’Art Pompier and how Modernists hated it. That art took talent.

A lot of Modernism in Art isn’t even art

an example of Modernism in Art

Duchamp’s The Fountain (1917). This is art?

I think Picasso’s Guernica is one of the better paintings of the 20th century because it’s original, moving, and extremely deep. I can appreciate Picasso’s work, and even some of the Impressionists. But to call stuff like Duchamp art is retarded.

I was at the Modern art museum in Madrid a few years back. They had this one room with a film projector showing a tree and some douchebag “artist” would say “tree, tree, TREE, tree, tree, tree, TREE” over and over again. It would loop every several minutes. How the fuck is this art?

Then they had one whole wall of the names of all the countries of the world. The “artist” wrote the names of each country several times in different sizes and different fonts. Anyone could have done that shit. Once again, how the fuck is that art?

Modernism was a reaction against real art

I get it. Artists want to be original. But to completely throw away aesthetics is absurd. In music, you’d hear Modernist composers make noises, then explain how deep his bullshit is and blame you if you don’t “get it.”

Guys like that deserve a slap upside the head. Last weekend, we were at the SF Ballet. They had a Modernism series. The second one actually was pretty good as despite being Modernist, it was an ode to the film Battleship Potemkin. It had a lot of dissonance, but also had a lot of nice melodies hidden in there.

The final one however was just industrial noise. It started off with piercing noises and my wife and I covered our ears. I’m trying to keep my hearing for obvious reasons. The dancers were great. The composer however deserved a punch in the face.

ode to Pre-Raphaelite artists

The Beguiling of Merlin 1874 by Edward Burne-Jones. Modernism was a reaction against Art like this, that took real talent to make

The beginnings of Modernism

You already know I’m a Romantic. Unfortunately, the beginnings of Modernism started with Romanticism. Romantics attempted to do things that were never done before and kept expanding originality for originality’s sake. Whereas on paper, that sounds brilliant, it backfires.

You get to the point to where artists start doing silly or downright stupid things. Like the Fountain above. That’s not art; it’s bullshit.

Musically, the Romantics fooled around a lot with whole tone scales, chromaticism, and dabbled a little bit in atonality. Unfortunately, that paved the way for Modernistic composers who made the bulk of their sound atonality. Melody became less and less of a focus until pieces were completely devoid of it.

The Modernist composers would have a circle jerk among themselves, celebrating how fucking original they were, whereas the listener would ask “what’s the point of all this?” and the composer would yell back “you’re too stupid to understand how deep this is.” Needless to say, Modernists attracted the most pretentious douchebags as fans.

The same applies to painting and sculpture. Unfortunately, this bullshit doesn’t take much effort. Artists before Modernism took hold studied their craft for years, usually but not always in art schools. They developed techniques to make their paintings and sculptures look beautiful.

Modernists on the other hand avoided aesthetics and pretty much made junk. However, if you didn’t “get it,” they’d verbally attack you as too shallow. No, I’m not shallow. Your art sucks ass.

And we’re a reaction against Modernism

Things come full circle. Romanticism in music was already on the decline in the late 19th century and died in World War I. Richard Strauss was the last great Romantic composer. He’s also one of my teachers (through books as he’s long dead).

I’m pretty fucking sick of Modernism. I think it’s pretentious bullshit masquerading as Art. I love Romanticism like Goya, the Pre-Raphaelites (who were a subset of Romanticism), and guys like Bouguereau. Of course I like Renaissance art as well, Baroque architecture, and Medieval castles and cathedrals. Musically, Romanticism and Metal.

All that stuff has plenty of aesthetic appeal. Some of it has deeper meaning. Some of it doesn’t. I’m not going to put up a piece of art on my wall that is deep, but looks like garbage. We buy art, and we buy the art that’s aesthetically pleasing. Thus, very rarely do we buy anything Modernistic.


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