How much progress in two months?

drawing comparison

If you’re wondering just how fast you can progress you can make in two months, here you go. Both pictures are of the same model. The left one is exactly two months prior to the right one. And both took the same amount of time for me to draw.

This is what art lessons can do for you. No, I’m far from where I want to be still. I got another year or so of art lessons before I’m ready to move onto painting.

I have a timeline for all this. Earlier this decade, I was literally doing slightly better than stick figures. My drawings looked like something a child would do.

Then I really hammered down drawing exercises. Horizontal and vertical lines. Circles. All those seemingly boring things over and over again until I could actually use a pencil.

I remember as a teenager seeing people with talent. I wondered how people could draw cool things whereas I felt like my drawings still looked like a small child’s drawings.

Bite the bullet – taking lessons

So finally, I decided to bite the bullet and commit to lessons. Yes, music is still my priority. However I got so much free time on my hands that I might as well pick up a new skill set. Why not?

Besides, last year I made a new female friend who’s damn good looking. I asked her to be my figure model a few months back and we’ve been working together ever since. For lessons, I simply take spot lessons from teachers. I ask them to help me on such and such and pay them accordingly. You can find art teachers anywhere. Or if you’re broke, take cheap lessons online.


A few days ago, we released Siren’s Song and I had to use an old piece of art that I paid for back in 2012. Not knocking it. I actually like it a lot.

But I was thinking – what if I started doing the art for Astral Eyes in the future?

I’ve always wanted to paint as well. When we went on the Alaskan cruise a few years ago, we bought a lot of art. I knew then and there that I wanted to also be a painter. But that thought went to the back of my head and I never pursued it until recently.

Now I actually have a plan. 2018 – drawing lessons. I start with pencils and recently started to move on to colored pencils. 2019 – start my first painting. 2020 – put one of my paintings for sale.

And yes, as I’ve said earlier, the band has priority. I’ll be playing music for as long as I can.

And yes, you can tell I’m having a blast drawing. I spend at least a few hours a day now drawing. It’s a lot of fun once you actually commit to it to the point where your pieces no longer suck.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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