Here’s the artwork for the upcoming Classical EP

Astral Eyes Classical EP

It was supposed to be a full album. But I didn’t like the overture I wrote. I will never again release something that I’m not 100% sold on.

So the good news. On New Years, we will release a mostly Classical EP. Six songs. Five fully orchestrated. One dance song, because we had so much fun with it.

That’s one thing I love about being independent. I get to do whatever I feel like doing. And we have the money to do it.

Yet another reason I teach my readers how to get fuck you money. I care about all of you. But you already know that.

With fuck you money, you get to say no to people. You also get to say yes to yourself.

The Classical EP

Well, mostly Classical. Two waltzes. Lots and lots of strings. I love strings.

I’m drifting away from straight Metal. Metal peaked in the 80s. It never recovered. Plenty of bands post-80s put out excellent music. But it gets harder and harder to do every year since the pool of Metal musicians gets smaller.

We’ve struggled with singers since the beginning. And drummers. I’ve had alcoholic drummers. Drug addict drummers. And drummers who were plain old assholes who you couldn’t leave alone with your girlfriend.

Classical though is better. You get more professionalism out of Classical musicians. You give them notes with plenty of markings for dynamics and they play those notes exactly as you write them.

Don’t like their performance? More than likely, it’s due to your poor notations. They play what you put in front of them. Of course, I’m assuming you’ve hired real professionals and not some asshole off the street who claims he’s a musician.


I love Ming Luke’s artwork. But earlier this year, I started working with Allie, my closest female friend. That kicked me into taking art more seriously.

So I decided that rather than hiring someone, I’ll do the art myself. No, not to save money. I got plenty of that.

Because I love it.

This is the artwork we will probably use. If I put out something I like better before December, I’ll use that. If not, this is it.

Yes, the Classical EP will be called “Adagio”. Several of the pieces are on the slow side. I used to play Speed Metal. Then I got into Thrash.

I love Speed, but I’m old and I’ve slowed down. Just like I don’t fight any more. I used to be a pretty good fighter. Not any more. My body slowed down, my eyesight got even worse, and I don’t heal like I used to.

Same thing with music. I’m an old dog. I just may write Classical from here on out.

upcoming Classical EP

Astral Eyes – Adagio. Draft 1. This may or may not be the album cover


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