Halloween art – which witch is witch?

Halloween art - Allie casts the wrong spell

I love Halloween. So of course, I’ll do some Halloween art.

Allie and I were laughing so hard that I almost couldn’t draw this first one. I start with a live sketch. Then I take the sketch and draw onto watercolor paper. Then I ink it. Last comes the paint.

Halloween art

The first of my three Halloween art watercolors

I thought the first one was cute. So for the second one, I wanted a little bit of teeth.

Teeth are tricky. If you don’t do them right, they look like Chiclets.

I had to draw dozens of mouths on scratch paper before I did this second one. It ended up pretty good and I’m proud of it.

So I’m 7 months in

I’ve been working with Allie on my drawing skills since February and painting since April. Definitely not bad. I initially had the goal of going pro in 2022. I think I’m going to shatter that.

It’s all persistence. Persistence applies to anything. As I’ve said many, many times before – I don’t have natural artistic talent. Art is really a craft. If you want to get good at it, you have to hone your craft. Constantly.

The thing is, so many of today’s artists “have to be inspired” to do anything. I don’t need any fucking inspiration. I just draw and paint.

Of course it helps to have two beautiful female friends who have no problem walking nude around me. But still, I don’t see why artists have to be inspired. Their mindset is definitely off.

Allie casting a spell

My second of the 3 Halloween art witch paintings

Allie casts the wrong spell

Yesterday, I told Allie that she’s getting better and better as a model. She’s more expressive than ever. I love this one the best of the three. It’s probably one of the best watercolor paintings I’ve done to date.

Allie casts the wrong spell

Allie casts the wrong spell

As much as I liked the hat, it’s clich√©. So the third one, no hat. Besides, Allie has the most beautiful hair. It’s so “flowing.”

Anyways, enjoy! I hope you like these. I’m getting pretty close to the point where I’m going to start selling prints.


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