A student once more

It’s weird going from a professional to a composer to an art student. But that’s where life is taking me right now.

No, I’m not abandoning composition. Astral Eyes is fine and in good shape. However, I really want to get into painting.

Must first learn to walk before learning how to fly. Yeah, my drawing still needs a lot of work. I know that. Thus, the lessons. I’m currently on my third month of drawing lessons.

Another of Roman's drawings

A_ looking cute

I meet up with Allie in an hour. She’s a private girl so I don’t say her full name. She has no Facebook nor Instagram. Definitely a rare breed.

She’d make a good catch. Over the year I’ve known her, she’s already one of my besties. Just an absolutely wonderful girl.

I’ve had problems with models being flaky for the Astral Eyes videos. That’s why I cut down on only a few reliable girls over and over again. I’d rather use someone reliable.

It’s never too late to learn

I enjoy being a student once more. I’ve never claimed to know everything. I’m not one of those guys who thinks I could live your life better than you could. I will however write advice on things I’ve accomplished. For instance, I write about the need to buy stocks and I’ll tell the truth (good and bad) about flipping properties.

When it comes to art though, I really want to know as much as possible. Learning requires a bit of humility. People who think they know everything will never learn shit, because they already know everything obviously.

When I got into weightlifting, I never bragged to my coaches about my former fitness. Rather, I pretended to not know jack shit. It was better that way.

That way, I absorbed as much knowledge as I possibly could from my coaches. I became a sponge.

Same with art. I know I’m improving fast and the reason I’m improving is two fold. One – I got an insane work ethic. I’ve rarely met anyone who could keep up with me. Two – anything my teachers say, I do. Without question.

My teachers do art for a living. I do not (yet). So I put that in perspective. Relatively, I know nothing and even when I start improving, I’m still all ears until I could actually sell my works for enough for a down payment on a house. Until then, I’ll shut up and listen.

What’s next?

I already said that 2018 – I learn to draw. 2019 – I start painting. 2020 – I start selling my paintings.

I’d love to dabble in watercolors or acrylics before then. I’ve already started dabbling in colored pencils which in person look great but for some odd reason, when I take pictures with my phone, the shading looks funny.

Roman is a student once more

Allie right out of the shower

This looks way better in real life. The shading looks amateurish. Yeah, I’m still an amateur. But that’s not what I mean. It really does look better than this in real life.

Allie herself is a total babe. Smiles a lot. She’s got a magnificent body. And she’s so pretty. Fun person, and fun to draw.

She’ll model for my first actual paintings.

I’m not going to be a like normal artists. If I don’t have any emotional attachment to a woman, I’m not going to paint her. I know that may sound weird to some people, but that’s how I am. From here on out, I want emotional connection to my art.

Maybe that’s the Romantic in me. If I don’t feel it, I’m not doing it. That goes for my music as well. If I don’t feel a song, I won’t release it.

Anyways, my model will be here shortly. Time for me to get ready.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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