What is your artistic purpose?

So, what is your artistic purpose? Why are you an artist? Every artist should ask themselves this. What is your artistic purpose? We should ask ourselves this because it gives deeper meaning to your work. Your answer could be anything, but it should be something. You should have a reason

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article on the incel community - travel is sexy

My 2c on the incel community

I didn’t even know about the incel community until a few months ago. Yes, because of the shooting. Afterwards, I had to look up what an incel was. It turns out that there’s an entire incel community. I wanted to address that. Now, I can’t help incel women because I’m

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Malta - motherless child article

Motherless child

Yngwie Malmsteen wrote a song called “Motherless Child” years ago. Now I know how it feels. I lost my mother earlier this decade. I also lost my favorite aunt; someone I was really close to a few years prior. You don’t ever recover from death. The older I get, the

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