I Tonya Review

So before I begin my I Tonya review, I should give you a quick backstory. In my previous blog post, Me and Tonya Harding, I explained how I was a huge Tonya Harding fan. If you don’t want to read that longer blog post, I’ll summarize it. Tonya’s skating career

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Me and Tonya Harding

No, I’ve never met Tonya Harding. Nor have I seen Tonya Harding in real life. So why even mention her? Well tonight if I’m not dead tired after a day of mixing at the studio, I’m going to rent I, Tonya, that movie on her. I was a huge Tonya

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Astral Eyes Creature of the Night Alice

Cute, Sexy, Beautiful, Lovely, or Gorgeous

“Don’t call me cute.” “Why?” “Because I HATE being called cute. Call me sexy or beautiful, but anything but cute.” I remember this conversation like it was yesterday, even though it happened back in 1994. I had a female friend that I found physically attractive, but was seeing someone else

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